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What does “walking on water” mean?

Why does Master Samael cite “The Faith” as an indispensable ingredient for working in the Jinn sciences?

Who of all the Apostles of the great Kabir Jesus is the Patron Saint of all Jinn phenomena and how can he help us in these works?

Who is the God Harpocrates?

What does it mean the phrase: “Heaven is taken by storm, the brave ones have taken it”?

What do we have to do If we want to enter the Chapultepec temple?

What is a Samyasin?

What is the K meson?

To what dimension is it possible to take the physical body in the Jinn state?

What do the 13 skies of ancient Mexico refer to?

What meaning does the Esoteric Pentagram have?

What really happened to Moses?

What does the death of the ego have to do with the Jinas science?

What suggestion can we infer for the Jinas of Joseph of Cupertino?

What do the 4 symbols of the Tuatha of Danann represent?

What virtue allowed Saint Francis to levitate?

What is the esoteric meaning of Peter?

What is true magic?

How is the miracle of the loaves and fishes explained?

Which Aztec Master helped in the resurrection of Jesus?

What is Jinas science?

What teaching did they want to convey in Khmer culture with the two snakes?

How can transcendental art instruct us internally?

Explain to us in your own words the Greek aphorism: “Man, know thyself.”

What is the esotericism of the tiger in Buddhism?

What is the esotericism of the tiger in Buddhism?

What did Adam and Eve represent in the Lemurian race?

How is love represented in Hindu architecture?

How were the pyramids of Egypt built?

What does the serpent represent in Mesoamerican cultures?

What Gnostic symbolism can we find in the Notre Dame Cathedral?

How are God as Father and God as Mother represented in Tiahuanaco?

What did the Mayans represent with the cross?

Why is Karma like a medicine?

How is it possible that well-directed sexuality can be the basis for spiritual transformation?

What relationship does mercy and being happy in marriage have

Why is it necessary to be poor in spirit to enter the kingdom of heaven?

In what dimensions should we be united in marriage and why?

What are the steps to reach the true will?

Why do we need, in addition to forgiving, to cancel debts?

Why should we take care of the use of the word?

How do we make Gnostic knowledge conscious?

Who is the Intimate and how do we approach Him?

Why is it important to keep the commandments?

What are the States of Consciousness?

How can we make the Essence grow?

What does the Eight-fold Path of the Buddha represent and why is it important to walk it?

Why is one of the first tasks on the inner path to control oneself and our body?

What does the spear of Longinus and the legends of knights symbolize?

Why is it important to develop self-observation?

What aspect of the Divine Mother helps us in our interior work?

How can we eliminate the causes of our psychological defects?

What is the internal teaching of the Mesoamerican Ballgame?

What transcendental symbolism do we learn with esoteric chess?

What work should we do besides eliminating our psychological defects?

How do you work with the green lion and the red lion of Alchemy?

Why is patience important in the practice of Alchemy?

How is sanctification obtained?

What must we sacrifice to receive faculties, gifts and virtues of the soul?

What did the Vitriol of the medieval alchemists symbolize?

Why does Neptune influence the magic of Love?

What do Mercury and Sulfur represent in Alchemy?

Where do we find the elements to work on our interior Alchemy?

What are the benefits of acting according to the Intimate Father in daily life?

How do we use the Caduceus of Mercury in our hidden anatomy?

Why should we create the Solar bodies?

What is the fundamental characteristic of the Vertical Path?

Why is it necessary to know our spiritual level?

Why did the scarab represent the soul for the ancient Egyptians?

Why is it necessary to stay alert on the inner path?

How should the Our Father prayer be performed?

Why do we mainly manifest the negative aspect of the zodiac signs?

How do we fulfill the covenant acquired in baptism?

Why is it important to work with elementals with love and sincerity?

What requirements must we meet to be helped by sacred plants?

Why is the Quetzal a sacred bird for the Mayans?

What internal element helps us transform impressions?

What can we achieve with the force of Love?

Why does the wolf represent the Law of Karma?

What are the opposite symbolisms of the Horse?

What is the esoteric symbolism of the Swan?

What aspects of inner work does the pheasant represent?

According to Gnosis, what is the origin of the monkey?

What is the positive symbolism of felines?

How did the ancient Mayans represent the zodiac?

Why is it necessary for the initiate to master the dog?

How to prevent a psychological defect from being reborn in us?

How is the psychological self hidden in us?

What is the deep symbolism of water in ancient cultures?

How can we approach the animals and their elementals and understand the wisdom?

What does the Black Crow represent in Alchemy?

What are the symbolisms of the Elephant?

Why is the butterfly an example in our inner work?

Why is it necessary to start the inner work to see a change on the outside?

What does the crocodile represent for the Egyptians and what work should it do?

How can we request the help of the bat God for our health?

What are the benefits of following the positive serpent versus the negative serpent?

What characteristics of the eagle should we use to achieve self-realization?

Why is the dove said to be a phallic symbol?

What's the goal of learning the Myth of Osiris?

What do the 3 traitors of Hiran Abiff represent in us?

Why do the Karnak (Egypt) and Teotihuacan (Mexico) sites share so many similarities?

What principles should we apply in life to negotiate our Karma?

What types of mummies exist?

How do we get to the Egyptian Paradise?

What teaching does Master Jesus give us with his life?

Who does the sphinx of Egypt represent?

What is measured in the trials of the 4 elements?

What is required to begin the path of Initiation?

Why are ancient sacred texts like the Egyptian Book of the Dead useful for Gnostic students?

What is the origin of the Egyptian civilization?

What do we need to do great works like a Moses?

What is the relationship between the higher mysticism and the Jinn states?

Who helped Jesus in the internal processes of Resurrection?

Why is the Solstice the date of birth for various Gods of antiquity?

How do we get the Crown of Life?

What is the Crown of the Saints?

How can we get closer to our Divine Mother?

How can we use Art to help us in our inner work?

What does the dragon symbolize in its negative aspect and how can we eliminate it?

How do we learn how to live?

What are the 3 attributes of the Initiate?

Explain the Eternal Divine Feminine Principle.

Why should we avoid identifying with the problem to solve it?

How is the human personality created and strengthened?

How could we know when a person has slightly awakened his conscience?

What is the difference between Consciousness, Intelligence and Memory?

Why should we end the Psychological Song?

How to learn to unite the imagination and the will?

What are the benefits of eliminating selfishness in our life?

How does selfishness affect us in our daily life?

Why is it important to learn to pray consciously during our inner work?

How to overcome the mechanical laws of Return and Recurrence?

How to take advantage of the internal state to succeed in life?

Why do we search so much for what we call money?

What is the path to enter Nirvana?

How do we crystallize the superior knowledge of Aquarius?

Why is it important to transcend mechanical zodiacal influences?

What are the two paths open to the true aspirant of Wisdom?

What is the Buddhic-Martian energy and how does it help us?

How to transcend the mechanical laws of Nature?

What do represent the Virgins of every religion?

Why is it important to learn to develop and follow intuition?

How can we take advantage of the influences of the moon in our life?

Why do the lords of Mercury insist on the awakening of our conscience?

What are the benefits of the correct use of the word?

How to take advantage of the strength of Aries in a positive way?

What warnings does the apostle Paul give us?

How to live the Gospel of John here and now?

What would be the synthesis message of the gospel of the apostle Judas?

What does the unbelief of the Apostle Thomas represent?

What is the importance of the inner Apostle Peter's teachings?

What is Luke referring to when he says: "For whoever exalts himself will be humbled; and he who humbles himself will be exalted "?

What is the similarity between the Goddesses of ancient cultures?

What do the characters in the Pistis Sophia (Gnostic texts) represent?

What is the relationship of the 24 elders of the Apocalypse with us?

Why is it impossible to escape from the Divine Law?

Who are called the Seven Brothers of Fire?

In what way do we work with Morpheus, the part of our Being, to travel in astral body?

How do we integrate all the parts of our Being?

Who is our psychological trainer?

What is the Resistance of the Ego?

What techniques does Gnosis teach us to solve problems?

How to increase self-awareness?

Why is it important to eliminate our fantasies?

Why do some ghosts become visible?

How can we discover our inner slavery?

How to develop a positive clairvoyance?

Where do we find the origin of Tamtoc's wisdom?

What is the message of the Priestess of Tamtoc?

What do the circular structures of Tamtoc teach us?

What does the Venus of Tamtoc represent?

What is Santideva's "Inversion of the Self and the Other"?

What is achieved with sincere cooperation?

How can we work with the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha?

What do we call Civilization?

Why are we called human machines?

How do we improve our thoughts and feelings?

Why do our economic systems fail?

What must we change to avoid wars?

How is it possible to achieve a fairer society?

How to achieve A-Himsa?

How is the Revolutionary Ethics acquired?

Can we change our Destiny?

What is the Ganymede civilization like?

Why do extraterrestrials come to earth?

What is the true figure of the extraterrestrials?

What is expressed through the inner mind?

Why can esotericism seem illogical to the sensual mind?

How does an advanced society care for its children?

What is the path to follow in order to be invited to travel with the extraterrestrials?

What is happening on this planet Earth?

What technology allows us to travel to other worlds and how can we obtain it?

What aspect of our mind allows us to know the truth about aliens?

What prevents us from contacting more advanced civilizations?

What keep us from arriving to the Cosmic Science?

What will Quetzalcoatl's return be like?

What is the mystery of the twin souls in esotericism?

Why is the snail used as a symbol of Quetzalcoatl?

How do we become a Quetzalcoatl?

What example did Quetzalcoatl give us with his work?

Where should we look for the true Master?

How could we look for the First Logos within us today?

Who does Huehuetéotl represent among the Aztecs?

What attributes of the Jaguar should we adopt to advance on the Inner Path?

What are the 4 worlds of creation according to the Kabbalah?

What attitudes keep us from the longings of the Third Logos?

What are the two aspects of the serpent in the human being?

What benefits would it bring to society for women to learn to respect themselves?

What is the basis of a successful society?

What is the dark thing to fight against in the modern era?

What should we offer in the sacrificial altar?

What does the Miccaotli or Avenue of the Dead symbolize?

What represents the Eagle for the ancient inhabitants of Teotihuacan?

What does the Pyramid of the Moon represent in the Human Being?

What do represent the two columns in the temple of Quetzalpapalotl?

Please explain the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness.

What do the 5 basements of the pyramid of the Moon represent?

How can the Aztec God Ehécatl help us in our day to day?

Why is it necessary to work upon the Third Factor of the Revolution of the Consciousness?

What is the goal of the Rune FA?

What do represent the four platforms of the Pyramid of the Sun.

What do represent the seven serpents to each side of the staircase of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl?

How can we help the inner Masters in our healing?

What virtues do we need to get help from the elementals?

Where do we find the true Healing Sanctuaries?

What psychological defects prevent our improvement when suffering diabetes?

What are the Zodiacal Perfumes and what are they useful for?

How could the sound help improve our health?

How do planets influence plants?

How can the elemental of Saffron be of any help?

Why is Teotihuacan a Sacred Zone?

How to use the new ICQ's virtual Classroom?

Why do we organize Gnostic Congresses?

What is a good Master of the House?

What is the 'Self-Remembering'and how it could help humanity?

How does the law of Pendulum affect everything it touches?

How do the Law of Return and the Law of Recurrence combine harmoniously?

Why is it imperative to divide our attention between observer and observed in order to get to know ourselves?

What determines our happiness or unhappiness?

What is the Mental Laziness?

How do we free the Father's will?

What does a Warrior-Jaguar symbolize?

Why the serpent was considered sacred at Chichen Itza?

What does Teotihuacan mean within the Gnosis?

In the archaeological zone of Cholula, where is represented "The Apostolate" of the arcane twelve of the tarot and what does it mean?

What do the two columns of the temple of the Pyramid of the Lord of the Dawn represent, how should they be constructed?

Why is the Glyph "9 Eye of Reptile" so important, what does it tell us?

What is the relationship between Quetzalcoatl and Venus?

What message do we find in the drama of Quetzalcoatl and Jesus?

How does Quetzalcoatl symbolize the Logos?

What kind of fire does Quetzalcoatl represent and why?

In what part of the spiritual development is the title of Quetzalcoatl given?

What is the emblem in which our Lord Quetzalcoatl left his teaching synthesized and what is its meaning?

What does a jaguar symbolize by devouring hearts?

What does Quetzalcoatl mean and what was his teaching?

What is the message of the play "Searching for the Buddha from the previous Gnostic congress"?

What is needed to develop the Chakras?

What knowledge does the Rune Ur give us?

What is the use of practicing the mantra "Wu"?

What are the Lamasery exercises?

Why is it useful to learn to listen to the Subtle Voice?

What is the Esoteric Buddhism?

Why is Yasodharā so important in the life of the Buddha?

What are the four truths of the Buddha?

What is the relationship between the Kundalini and the Chakras?

What is the wheel of Samsara?

What is the 2nd Jewel of the Yellow Dragon?

What are the Seven Yogas?

What is the Dhammapada?

What is the purpose of experiencing the Illuminating Void?

How does the law of karma work?

What is and what does the Bardo Thodol contain?

Inside the human being… Who is Manco Capac?

Who was the Mother of the Corn for the Incas and what does that seed represent?

What was worshiped by the Incas and represented by the Sun?

What is the use, for our interior, of studying the universe?

What is the meaning of Master Jesus' words when saying "And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch"?

How do we transform an impression?

The misuse of the five centers.

An ancient allegory that represents the Psychological Ego.

What does the Gnostic Movement invite us to do given the prophecies of the Age of Aquarius?

What is the name of our Sun and what constellation does it belong?

What is the influence of the Age of Aquarius in the Philosophical Schools?

What are the characteristic waves of the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius?

What does the Tower of Babel represent?

Who are the called to be part of the Army of World Salvation?

Why is the meditation recommended for counteracting drug addiction?

What attitude should we take in front of the Great Catastrophe?

What message does Master Tlaloc give to us?

What good would it do us to study the ancient codices in the light of Gnosis?

Why did they bind the god Tajin with a rainbow?

What do really represent the sacrifices to Tlaloc?

Is croaking like frogs, as the ancient tribes of America did it, useful for something?

What are the Tlaloques?

Where is the Tlalocan and who lives there?

What do Tlaloc's wife represent? (Chalchiuhtlicue)

What is the esoteric meaning of Tlaloc's goggled eyes?

Why the angels of Christianity, devas of India and Aztec gods do represent the same?

Inside of us, where can we find Tlaloc?

What is Tlaloc and where does he live?

What is the meaning of the name “Tlaloc”?

Which are the Aztec gods of the 4 elements?

Why the astral unfolding can never be dangerous?

What is needed to dissolve an enmity?

Inside us, who are the Lords of Xibalba from the Popol Vuh?

What is the relationship between the Mayas and Atlantis?

What does the feathered Serpent mean?

What do the gods sowing from the Dresden Codex represent?

What does symbolize the corn in the tomb of the god Pacal?

What does the book of Chilam Balam contain?

Meditate on the phrase from Master Samael: “Karma is not only paid for the bad one does, but for the good which one could have done and did not do.”

What is the main deity of the Maya and what is the meaning of his name?

What do the waters of Mayan genesis symbolize?

What do represent the earmuffs of the mayan God Chaac?

What is the teaching of the building of the Snail (Caracol) in Chichen Itza?

What kind of warriors were the engravings of Chichen Itza referring to?

What is the Esoteric meaning of the Tzomplantli?

What does mean the descent of Kukulkan?

What does represent the field of the Religious ball of Chichen Itz�?

What does represent the history of Prometheus for our interior work?

Why are we told that the three furies are an obstacle for the awakening of the Conscience?

Where is the origin of the Mayans and where are they now?

What do we mean when we say we must learn to play the lyre of Orpheus?

What are the three obligatory steps of the path of comprehension?

Why is the ICQ logo a sea snail split in half?

What?s the difference between Love and Desire?

What do represent the two triangles forming the Solomon's Star?

What does represent the Caduceus of Mercury?

Why were there labyrinths in the ancient schools of Mysteries?

What does Abraxas mean in Gnosis?

What is the esoteric meaning of the Cross?

What do represent the Runes in Gnosis?

What does the serpent, in its positive and transcendental aspect means?

How to fight the darkness?

How does the Magic Flute play teach us the development of the clairvoyance?

What qualities does the sphinx teach us to pass the trials of the elements?

What is required to make the sun really and fully get to manifest in us?

Why are there, in today's society, many failures at home?

How should we understand our own Initiation?

What do we mean in Our Father praying: “Give us this day our daily bread”?

How can we free ourselves from the inferior law of Vengeance?

What is the internal silence?

Why is it essential to recover the quality of veneration?

In the Path of Gnosis we arrive to a special state in our lives where we do not belong upside nor downside, everything is confusion. What is the name of this psychological state and how should we face it?

Why do we have the wrong habit of judging others?

What consequences do lying attracts to our life?

What would the 9 solemn sounds of the oberture on the Magic Flute represent?

How can we live the Christmas in our heart?

What is the Initiation?

Who are the Pennate Gods?

What's the name of the elemental creatures of water and the earth?

What's the name of the elemental creatures of the Fire and the Air?

How is the elementary evolution carried out?

What is and what is the Elemento-therapy useful for?

What is a Tattva?

What is an elemental and why it's called like so?

Why do we recommend listening to Classical Music?

What was the real objective of the Mesoamerican ballgames?

What do the undulations of the serpent represent?

What were the Calmecac?

Why were the ancient cultures of solar nature?

Which one is the Astral Dimension?

What benefits do we get from listening to the classical music?

What is the Law of Equalization of the vibrations of many sources?

What are the Tamasic, Rayasic and Sattvic foods?

What's the benefit of chanting the mantra Abracadabra?

What teaching deliver us every arcane of Tarot?

What messages gives the Gnostic Anthropology?

What's the relationship between the Tree of Life and the Human Being?

What is the Gnosis looking for in archaeological sites?

According to Gnosis, what are the benefits of meditation ?

What message delivers the Sun  Stone?

What benefits gives a mantra?

Why should Knowledge and Being balance each other?

How can we worship Huitzilopochtli?

What do represent the ornaments that Huitzilpochtli took from the 400 southerns?

What?s the relationship between the dead of the Ego and Huitzilopochtli?

What does it mean “Tonantzin Teteoina and what’s its relationship with the serpent of fire?

What does the birth of Huitzilopochtli symbolize?

Explain the words: “Look where are they coming from”

How is the true liberation achieved?

What is the true penance that really interests Divinity?

Speaking about “she who has the skirt of snakes” (Coatlicue), the snake, besides being a symbolism of Occult Wisdom, what else does it represent?

Who is “Left-Handed Hummingbird” (Huitzilopochtli) inside us?

Where do we Return to with the Arcanum 22nd?

What is the senselessness represented in the Arcanum 21?

What kind of weakness is the Arcanum 20 asking us to eliminate?

What alliance is the Arcanum 19 referring to?

What are the hidden enemies of the Arcanum 18?

What planet is Arcanum 17 related to and why?

How could come the fragility of the Arcanum 16?

What kinds of dangers announce the Arcanum 15?

How to acquire the temperance indicated by the Arcane 14?

What?s the death mentioned in the Arcanum 13 and how do we achieve it?

What would you do to fulfill the apostleship of the Arcanum 12?

How can we apply the persuasion of Arcanum 11?

What?s the wheel of the Arcanum 10?

What initiation does the Arcanum 9 represent?

What tests are the ones announced by the Arcanum 8?

The Arcanum 7 represents the triumph, but what should we do to achieve it?

Which star is used to represent the Arcanum 6 and why?

Which one of the Cosmic Laws is related to Arcanum 5?

What part of the Being is the Arcanum 4 related to?

What does the Arcanum 3 announce to us?

What occult science is the Arcanum 2 referring to?

What represent the eyes in the card of the Arcanum 1?

How could we incarnate the Secret Teachings of the Popol Vuh?

Why is humility the door for reaching Wisdom?

What represents the bonfire where the twins died and the river where they were reborn in the Popol Vuh?

What teaches us the symbolism of the animals in the Popol Vuh about advancing in the dead of our psychological defects?

What would you do to be successful at the houses of coldness, fire, tigers and bat?

What is the meaning of the house of Darkness?

What?s the importance of the mosquito Xan in the self-discovery?

How can the louse, the frog, the snake and the hawk help us in the internal Path?

What does represent the mouse in the Popol Vuh?

What represent Hunahpu and Ixbalanque from the Popol Vuh?

It is possible for the essence of the animals (elementals) to help us?

What do represent the four owls, the messengers Xibalba?

What is the Dark House of Xibalba?

Why are Ixpiyacoc and Ixmucan? our origin?

Where did the Mayas get their wisdom from?

How are we helping the world by removing our own Ego?

What is the future of the shelterless child and what to do to change things?

Why it?s absurd to criticize others religions, saying that those are useless and only mine is real?

What are the dangers of the positive system to strengthen the “I”?

Why is so important the Integral Comprehension on the Mind?

Why is Avarice the mother of cruelty?

What?s the method to end the alcoholism?

How is it that envy has become the secret spring of most of our deeds?

What food crimes are committed against the people and what are their causes?

What I?s turn the customs into a world-size problem?

Why it?s important to balance work and rest?

Why the I can?t annihilate the I?

Why is the war the worst plague that can suffer the Human Being?

How can we balance Political and Spiritual issues?

What?s the objective of setting cooperatives of lawyers for the people?

What would be the use of large-scale cooperatives supported by the official government?

What would be the most effective system to avoid illnesses?

Why it?s so important to identify and understand the origin of pain?

Why do the large corporations hire young people only?

Why do we need Comprehension and not effort to eliminate psychological mistakes?

Work of the under-aged ones

Why our behavior should be authentic, without depending on anyone?

How can we experience the Truth?

Why does the human being want to acumulate, to become powerful at the expenses of others?

What represents in us the birth of Huitzilopochtli?

Why is Ehecatl represented with a peak?

What does esoterically symbolize the Tiger or Jaguar?

Where can we find the Sacred Fire?

How is Camazotz internally related with us?

Why does the Chac Mool has a recipient in the Solar Plexus?

What represents the Claw-Greeting?

What?s the relationship between the meditation and the representations of the death among the Aztecs

What can Xochipilli and Xochiquetzalli help us with?

What symbolize the Eagle standing over the nopal, devouring a serpent?

What's the name of Huitzilopochtli's Mother?

What are the three basic forces in the Creation?

How can we end the cruelty that we carry inside?

How do the grafts and the canned food influence the nourishment?

How do the excessive logging and extinguishing the species of animals affect in the vibratory level?

Why is it that the more we think in a problem the more difficult is to solve it?

Why violence cannot solve the problems of the World?

Who preached the classless society?

How should we use technology in the field in equilibrium with Nature?

What social links have determined the type of Government that we have?

How could we really work for Democracy?

What's the current state of our thoughts, our mind and our reason?

What is the relationship of the Laws of number, measurement and weight with Nature?

Why is so important for us to know the Cosmic Laws, such as the Solionensius'?

What is the relationship between the human lifetime and the Cosmic Values?

What was the purpose of the Sacred Dances of Antiquity?

What is the relationship between the loss of language and the human degeneration?

What is the relationship between the Spatial Sense and the Color tones?

What's the "Mali Mali" decease?

How does develop the Law of Recurrence?

What does the Society need for the work to become fertile and creative?

Why is so serious for the human being to be turned just into a production/consumption machine?

How much damage has caused the subjective reason to the humanity?

When did the Consciousness of man get divided?

What's the use of developing the Spatial Sense?

What kind of Fire was worshipped by the ancient cultures?

What are the opposites pairs of Philosophy?

What is the Akasha?

Why Nature does not take leaps?

Where were located the Lemur Continent?

What does the Metaphysics clarify us about Nature's phenomena?

How could we live the Christmas in our heart?

What are the Nature's Akashic registers?

What is required for the moneylenders to fulfill a praiseworthy labor?

How can we establish a Permanent Center of Gravity within?

What is the relationship between the life Insurance and the three types of acts?

Why home is something sacred for the human being?

What is the origin of the Wars?

Why is better the Work Standard than the Gold Standard?

Why is so important to learn how to use the Solar Energy?

What's the solution for the problem of unemployment?

What are the three divisions of the Absolute?

What is the wheel of Samsara?

Why the Sehirot Jesod is called the Foundation?

Why it's important to achieve a voluntarily and conscious astral projection?

What are the symbols of Netzach?

How can we create Soul?

Why it is said that the Leaders of the Divine Law are judges of Consciousness?

Who is Chesed?

What is the symbolism of the Kala-Hamsa Swan?

Why is the Birth of Christ celebrated in the Winter Solstice and His Death and Resurrection in the Spring Equinox?

How can we get in touch with out Farther who is in secret?

How should we behave with the real professional without academic degree?

How can we the humans realize the Social Christ?

Why we can't stand some people just at first sight?

How would the problems resulting from the termination of employment be solved?

How could be established the minimum wage?

What area of land needs a family to live in a balanced way?

For the world to change radically, what do we all the human beings should change?

How could be practiced the A-Himsa in thought, word and deed?

What would we achieve by inversing the I and the other in the development of the conscious cooperation?

The current state of our Society is civilization or savagery?

How does it affect us the pay rise?

How do the bad taxes affect us?

Why the prison system can't reform anybody?

Why can't we stand a person at first sight, without knowing him/her?

What would it be the social benefit ?of eliminating the cruelty within?

Why do we have bad rulers?

Why don't we have a real democracy and how could we reach it?

How can the conflict worker-employer be solved?

Why is it necessary to abandon the mechanicalness while eating?

What actions could we do to fight the homelessness?

How does it affect the quality of the home of an individual or family in the Society?

Why is there so much hunger in the world if there are enough land to farm?

Why the opinions can't solve the problems of the Society?

What are the causes of the failure of the Unions?

Why is the right to work a legitimate right?

How can the big corporations affect the economy of a Country?

How can the hunger of the people be finished?

It would be possible for the world to leave the crisis behind with the suggestions of the politicians?

Is there the real social justice?

How can we be well related to money?

What can we do to reduce the Infant delinquency?

Are the car accidents in destiny?

Why and how can we practice the real Charity?

What should the human being make for the world to change radically?

\What is the Mental Energy?

What do we understand by Freedom?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Pisces?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Aquarius?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Capricorn?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Sagittarius?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Scorpio?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Libra?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Virgo?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Leo?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Cancer?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Gemini?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Taurus?

What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Aries?

What exercise suggest the Master Samael to control Anger?

What are the four kingdoms?

What are the names of the Seven bodies in Sanskrit?

Why the Gnosis does not interpret your dreams, but it teaches you how to do it by yourself?

Why do we suggest to meditate on the Archaeological symbolism of ancient cultures?

What values should we develop to facilitate the astral projections?

What's the difference between an Astral Projection and the Jinas State?

What are the five aspects of the Divine Mother?

Why the Gnosis is not a Sect?

Why the Gnostic student has no need of any kind of plant for the Astral projection?

In an spiritual level... how do the drugs affect us?

What is the Mystical Death and why it's so necessary?

Which one is the best Religion and why?

What Psychological defects keep the Love away?

What do represent the Holy Week in us?

What is the Law of Return?

Why it isn't dangerous to project the astral body?

Where can we find the Gnosis?

Who are the Tula's Atlantids from, Hidalgo M?xico?

What does represent Tonatiuh (Aztec) in us?

How can we become a Sincere Mistaken Person?

Why can't we miss any of the 3 factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness in our interior work?

Which one is the older, the Earth or the Moon?

Where lies the real Wisdom?

What is the Psychological Gymnasium and what is it useful for?

What psychological elements cause the wars?

What's the shape of the Gnomes and Pigmies?

The Brain is the Mind?

What are and how do we get the Hydrogen 24, 12 and 6?

What is the Psycho-Genesis?

What is the relationship between the Meditation and the phrase "Nosce Te Ipsum"?

What are the Three States of the Ego?

Why is the Contumacy so important in these Gnostic teachings?

What is the Kalkian Personality?

What is the Psychological Slavery?

Why is the effort useless during the Meditation?

Why the Gnosis DOES NOT AGREE with the year 2012 for the end of humanity or on the contrary, for a positive change?

What is the Fallacy of the Ego?

What is the Sophism of Distraction?

What is the Particular Characteristic Psychological Trait?

How can we explain so many internal contradictions?

What's the origin of the process of anger (rage)?

What thinks the Gnosis about the Woman?

What harm do we get by opening the door to negative emotions?

How the self-esteem keeps us from finding the Truth?

What is the Countertransference force?

What is the relationship between the Self-Respect and the Integral Well-Being?

Why we don't have Continuity of Purposess?

What's the Rhetoric of the Ego?

What's the objective of studying the Psycho-Astrology?

How do we achieve the Mental Relaxation in the Meditation?

What is the Resistance of the Ego and how do we eliminate it?

How does the struggle of the opposites block us?

Where is the most serious problem of the public education?

What's the difference between the real man and the human machine?

What are the consequences of developing technology without taking into account the knowledge of oneself?

Why the mind can't eliminate a psychological defect?

What's the difference between the Bound and Loose Cathexis?

What's the objective of performing the weekly practice?

How can we experience the reality?

What is the Mission of the Extra-Terrestrials?

What year of Aquarius are we currently in and why?

Why the jealousy is not compatible with love?

When to be quiet or to speak becomes a crime?

How does the TV affect the formation of the personality?

What?s the influence of imagination in the motherhood?

What is good and what is evil?

Why the knowledge should not be only delivered to the Thinking Brain?

Why is the ?I? against our Vocation?

What is the intelligence as an attribute of the Being?

Why the mind will never be able to conceive the Truth?

What is the Peace and how it comes to us?

How the mind becomes affected by watching the bullfight and boxing?

Why, if the experiences are not understood, they become useless?

What is the defect that prevents the Integration the more and why?

How can we achieve the conscientious action?

What benefits brings the Generosity to the Marriage?

What happen if we do not balance Wisdom and Love?

How and what for do we need to learn to listen?

Why the mental comparison is abominable?

What is the difference between Love, Fear and Respect?

What sorts of Ambition are there?

What damage provokes us the fear and the search for security?

Why is it better to teach how to think instead of what to think?

How can we consciously combine order and liberty?

How to become a Conscious authority?

The people who are internally poor always search something out to be complete.

How does the fear affect the free initiative?

What?s the difference between the profane anthropology and the Gnostic Anthropology?

What is the Holy Grail?

What is the Secret Doctrine of Anahuac?

What is the Christic Work?

Why is the meditation indispensable for our transformation?

Why is the Gnosis against the Drugs?

What is called the Psychological Country?

What is the Kundalini and what mission does she have?

What is the Work-Memory?

What is the Inner Mind?

What is the Psichilogical "I"?

What is the Dialectic of the Consciousness?

What is the Happiness?

Why did Goethe say: "Every theory is Grey"?

What is the Gnostic Work and how to do it?

How could we make the most of the tough times of life?

How can we discover the psychological basis where we are lying upon and why is necessary?

Why does the newborn enjoy Self-Consciousness?

How does affect us the Psychological Song?

What is the Internal Chatter and how does it harm us?

What do we achieve with the Self-Observation?

What is the Supersubstantial Bread and how do we get it?

How can we attain the Individuality and for what purpose?

All religions are precious stones strung on the golden thread of the Divinity.

What is a Ghost?

Why does the name of this Gnostic Institute have the word Quetzalcoatl?

What is the Real order of the Days?

What are the Seven Tatwas?

What is the Work on Oneself?

Why, by changing our level of Being our life changes?

For how long has been the Aryan Race in the world?

What is the difference between the Being and the "I"?

Which is the main factor to achieve the Astral Projection?

What Egos could get our Home destroyed?

How to get our Psyche Organized?

Who was Kukulkan?

How can we modify the mechanical conditions of the World?

What is the Objective of Transforming the Impressions?

What is the Second Jewel of the Yellos Dragon?

What is the First Jewel of the Yellow Dragon?

What negative influences do we have to protect the mind of?

How does the Mind work?

What is the Mind?

Why having a Female Body would never be Karma?

What is Love?

What are the characteristics values of Women?

What practice does the Master Samael suggest to dominate the rage?

Why shouldn?t we mix antagonistic forces, since from such mixture terribly destructive forces come?

How is the matriarchy the base for a progressive race?

How can we place ourselves in the center of the Law of the Pendulum?

What is the relationship between woman and the great Initiates in history?

What is the Vital Body?

Why a misplaced virtue is bad?

The woman has then, in this times, an inescapable duty which is that of helping to regenerate the man, and of fighting for universal peace.

What are the causes of Neaurasthenia and how it could be prevented?

Why should we stop criticizing others to be successful in life?

What are the internal and external values of the word?

What benefits gives the Objective Imagination to the pregnant woman?

Inside the Gnostic teachings, why do women have the same rights as men?

What are the Six fundamental dimensions?

What is the difference between Faith and Belief?

Who is Tlazolteotl?

Why is the mind a very painful prison?

Why do the Roses cure the moral pains preventing even the suicide?

Who is the Anti-Christ?

What are the Seven Yogas that Gnosis studies?

What does it mean the phrase: "The level of Being attracts the level of Bein"?

Why is Askokin intemately related to Wars?

Why it is necessary to cultivate the Gratitude?

Who is the Guardian of the Threshold ans what is this test about?

Who is and what does the demon Algol?

Why do we need to get rid of the Imitation?

What is the meaning of Christmas in relation with the Sun?

What are the changes that are comming with the entrance of the Earth into the the Rings of Alcion?

What is the Law of Three?

What are the Seven Races and what is their objective?

How can we fulfill the SACRIFICE FOR HUMANITY?

What is the Awakening of the Consciousness?

How can we pay for the Karma?

What is the Inner Urgency and what is useful for to know it?

Which are the Seven Main Chakras?

What is the Law of the Pendulum and how can we transcend it?

What is the Law of Rounds?

What are the centers of the Human Being?

Who is Xochipilli?

According to the Gnostic Principles? Why abortion is a crime?

What is the Kabbalah and what is useful for to study it?

Why the Gnosis doesn't agree with a predetermined date for the end of the Human Kind?

What are the Gnosis' objectives?

What is the Law of Recurrence? Death is the return to the beginning of life, with the possibility of repeating it again in the setting of a new existence...

What are the Three Traitors inside us? The Intimate Christ has to eliminate all the undesirable elements which we carry within ourselves...

What is the Inner Self-Remembering? ...when the Gnostic aspirant observes his way of laughing, speaking, walking, etc., he forgets himself. This is incredible, but true...

What is the Tree of Life? If we observe the Tree of Life as it is written by the Hebraic Kabalists we see Ten Sephiroth.

What is a Tattwa? Tattwa (this is a Hindustani term) is vibration of the ether.

What is a Chakra? These chakras are really the senses of the astral body...

What is the Astral Projection? Really, this is a natural process: realizing one?s own natural processes could never be harmful

What are the Seven bodies? "When the physical body is sleeping the other bodies escape. By night in dreams we meet the Astra..."

Which are the three Minds? Since the Sensual Mind's concepts-of-contents are based on the external sensory data, undoubtedly it cannot know anything about the real, about truth, about the mysteries of life and death, about the soul and the spirit.

According to Gnosis, what are the Goblins? To such creatures we will give the name of Elementals, in fact because they live in the elements.

How can we transform the Impressions? "Life reaches us in the form of impressions and it is there, precisely, where the possibility of working upon ourselves exists".

What is a Soolionensius and how it affects us? "A SOLIOONENSIUS is an interesting law. It happens that close to our ORS Solar System..."

What is the Level of the Being and how could we modify it? "Whatever we are internally, munificent or mean, generous or miserly, violent or peaceful chaste or lustful, attracts the various circumstances of life"

What is the Gregarious Conduct? Gregarious conduct is the tendency that the human machine has to mix with others, without distinction and without control of any type...

The Permanent Center of Gravity It is impossible to have continuity of purpose without a true individuality.

What is called a "Good Master of the House" and why is a fundamental requirement to advance in Gnosis?

Atlantis' Testimonies Atlantis! That vast and now disappeared continent was a poet’s envision. The creation of the initiate Plato’s divine mind indeed existed.

Why shouldn't we criticize other's Religions? If the neighbor’s religion is not good, then neither is mine good because the values are always the same.

Laws to understand the Dreams The messages which descend from the world of Pure Spirit become symbolic in the astral plane.

What is a Ghost? This last is energy, it remains in the sepulcher, but sometimes it leaves from it and experiences the luxury of walking by diverse places.

What is the Intuition and how to develop it? "The intuition gives the faculty of knowing without the necessity of the process of reason..."

How do we use the Law of Analogies to interpret our Dreams? The astral images reflected in the magical mirror of imagination can never be translated literally...

What is the Aquarius Age and how it influences us? "From that memorable date and under the regency of Uranus, the very venerable and most worthy Lord of Aquarius, the Dionysian wave vibrates intensely in the whole of Nature".

What is the difference between Understanding and Memory "In true Understanding, in profound Understanding, in intimate Understanding there is only the intimate pressure of the Conscience, constant pressure born from the essence that we carry within and that’s all".

What representes the ICQ's Logo? "The ICQ’s Logo is the shield seen in the different representations of Quetzalcoatl..."

The Lion of the Law can be defeated with the scale. "If we on a plate of the scale put our good works and on the other put the bad deeds, both plates will weigh equal or there will be a lack of balance..."

What are the Jinas States?

Whay Gnosis considers an absurd that a Zodical Sign is not compatible with others?

What does Gnosis says about giving our children a profession? Children learn more by example than by rule..."

What is the difference between Ego, Essence and Personality?"...Personality and Essence should develop in a harmonious and balanced way..."

Which are the Seven Dimensions?"The dead ones are expelled from eternity because they still do not have BEING. Only those who have the BEING can live in eternity".

How to Solve Problems? "One needs much peace and mental calm to solve a problem. An uneasy, battling, confused mind cannot solve any problem".

What is the Creative Comprehension? "Comprehension is fundamental, but it is not all in the work of dissolution of the psychic aggregates..."

What is the Conscience? "People confuse Conscience with intelligence or with intellect, and the very intelligent or intellectual person is called a conscious person..."

What is the Being? "The Being is what is Divine, the immortal spark of every human being, without principle and without end, terribly divine".

What is the Self-Realization? "The Gnostic experience allows the sincere devotee to know himself totally, and to achieve self- realization..."

What is an Elemental of Nature? In that ethereal region, in that Forth Dimension elementals creatures of Nature live and this is something that we should understand profoundly...

What is the Division af the Attention and what's it useful for?"We have to divide the attention in three aspecs, we need to comprehend the deeply meaning of the moment we are acting in..."

Why the Gnosis states that only positive ET's can visit us?"Friends, sirs, do not forget that space is infinitely sacred and that therefore interplanetary navigation is controlled by very severe cosmic laws".

What is Gnosis?"The Gnosis is a true scientific school of initiation on, that pursues a transformation of the human being..."

What is the Karma? "My friends there is a law which is called KARMA; this means cause and effect, action and consequence..."

How can we Deafeat a Psychological Defect? "Evasion, justification, and consideration must be eliminated if in reality we want to be conscious of the ?I? that we struggle to extirpate from our psyche"

What is the Self-Observation? "The inner self-observation sense it is atrophied in every human being; by working seriously by means of self-observing from moment to moment, such sense develops in a progressive form".

What are the Meditation's Benefits? If we want to stop being machines, if we want to awake our conscience, to have truly capability to do, then it?s urgent to start by knowing ourselves and then dissolve the psychological ?I? (defects). 

What are the Three Conscience's Revolution Factors? "In order to achieve the self-realization it is necessary to live three factors: to Die? (to kill our defects) to Born? (to make the most of our energies) and to Sacrifice? (to serve our fellow human being)".

What is a Mantra? "Phonetic combination made with wisdom produces the MANTRAMS. Therefore, a MANTRAM is a wise combination of letters whose sounds determine spiritual, psychic, and also physical effects".

What are the Four Columns of Gnosis??Gnosis? is a word which means ?knowledge?, ?wisdom?, covers the four aspects that we can name as Science, Art, Philosophy and as consequence or corollary Transcendental Mysticism"...

What are the 49 regions of the Subconscious?"Since the three-brained or three-Centered biped, mistakenly called man, has not yet awakened consciousness has not created the existential bodies of the Being, he only possesses, in reality, subconscious and subjective states".

What's the Gnosis origin?"Frankly speaking, let us say that Gnosis is a very natural function of the Consciousness; it is a philosophia perennis et universalis".

Why shouldn?t we tell others about our Astral Experiences? "It?s better to practice quietly. To keep the triumphs in secret. One must be very quiet because this science is secret."

What does "Inverential Peace" mean? "Then the followers of the White Fraternity, all with child figures, give us the welcome and when we salute them: ?May the Peace be with you!? or "Inverential Peace!" the answer is: "and with your Spirit too".

Why Gnosis says that the Evolution Law cannot take us to the Real Transformation?

"The laws of evolution and those of involution are the mechanical axis of all nature and have nothing to do with the intimate self-realization of the Being".

What's the difference between the Spirit and the Soul? "Buddhata, the interior Buddhist Principle, the psychic material or "materia prima" to fabricate that which is called Soul".

What's the similitude between a Dream and the Death?

What's the difference between Return and Reincarnation?"The Pluralized Ego Returns, comes back rather, this is not Reincarnation. The masses, the multitudes Return, but that is not Reincarnation."