What is the Objective of Transforming the Impressions?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Through comprehension of the Work, you can accept life as real work. Then you will be in a conscious state of self-remembering, and this state of consciousness will carry you to the crude reality of the transformation of impressions. The same impressions, transformed as a result of the Work, will carry you to a better life with respect to your present one.

Life won't act upon you any more as it used to. You will start to think and comprehend in a new manner, and this naturally the beginning of your own transformation; however, as long as you think in the same manner, it is clear that there will be no interior change.

To transform the impressions of life is to transform oneself. This entire new form of thinking can do it. The whole matter lies in a radical transformation. We achieve nothing if we do not transform ourselves.

As you understand very well, life constantly demands that we react, and all our actions form our personal life. To change our life is really to change our own reactions; however, external life comes to us in the form of mere impressions that oblige us to react within a fixed pattern. If the reactions which form our personal life are negative, then our life will be negative too.

Life consists mainly of a series of negative reactions which happen as recurring answers to the impressions that reach the mind. Then, our task consists in transforming the impressions of life so that they don't provoke these kind of answers.

To achieve this, however, it is necessary to observe ourselves from moment to moment, and this means we must study our own impressions. We can't let impressions arrive in a subjective, mechanical way. If we stop letting impressions arrive in a subjective, mechanical way, we start a new life and we start living consciously.

Samael Aun Weor. The Tansformation of the Impresions