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ICQ shall keep the right at any time to change or discontinue without warning any aspect or feature of e ICQ Sites which it considers appropriate.

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In according to what has been previously stated, you understand and agree the following points:

1) ICQ has the right to collect information voluntarily provided by the user and to automatically treat it.

2) The information or data requested is the minimum necessary to be able to offer the best service and it will be treated in accordance with the previous point.

3) The requested data or information, under no circumstances will be shared, sold, offered or exchanged with any company or legal person, except with public or judicial administrations, only when the law or an administrative or judicial order demand it with official or legal supervision.

4) In any case, the right of information of the data stores to the identified persons or identities is guaranteed, as well as their rectification and/or the cancelation of such information, in order to do so you should contact the ICQ through the normal established channels of contact.

5) ICQ is not responsible for the use of information or data that the search engines or other media could offer or show, this data or information are not controlled by us and they do not depend on our services.

6) The user will always be responsible for updating the information given and he must communicate any change, for its part, the ICQ is committed to adopt the necessary measures to not let happen any kind of mistake, loss or diffusion of the user’s personal or professional information or data to third parties’ staff or departments.

7) ICQ does not use “cookies” or insert files that could read, examine or modify one or more parts of the user’s computer.