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Gnosis is Immortal Wisdom.

“We have to recognize that in Mexico the Serpentine Culture was, and continues to be formidable. Every Aztec sculpture is a marvelous book of occult science.” — Samael Aun Weor - (Read More)

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From January 17th to 23rd, 2022.

Gnostic lecture of the week.

Lecture of the Week

The Aztec Calendar, part 2.
English: Tue. January 18, 8 pm/ 7 pm (MS) - Enter | Spanish: Fri. January 21, 1 and 8 pm. - Enter | French: Sat. January 22, 1 pm. - Enter |

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Practice of the Week


The mantra La-Ra and the astral projection. Read More
Spanish: January 17 and 19, 1 and 8 pm. - Enter | English: Thu. January 20, 8 pm/ 7 pm (MS) - Enter | French: Sat. January 22, 2 pm. - Enter

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Question of the Week

Why are ancient sacred texts like the Egyptian Book of the Dead useful for Gnostic students? Read More.

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What is the origin of the Egyptian civilization? Read More.

ICQ's Gnostic Calendar 2022

ICQ's Gnostic Calendar 2022:
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