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Course of Dreams

The Meaning of the Dreams

The Dreams deliver great revelations if we learn how to interpret them wisely.

They show coming successes or failures, they point up the emotional inner state where we are found; in the dreams we can find the root of our problems; the dreams enclosed great knowledge that we must learn to decipher.

Addressed to: Everybody, no matter the social level, culture, age, schooling, sex, religion, etc.

Objective: Its Goal is to learn how to interpret our dreams

Cost: It has no cost.

The Course has 3 lessons.

The Dynamic is: The lessons are sent one at a time, it is suggested to study and meditate it, after this you answer and send a simple questionnaire with 4 questions, with your doubts and comments. When we get them we will send you the next lesson, as well as your answers. This means that the course is personalized. A Gnosis Instructor will attend your doubts.

The knowledge is based in the four basic pillars: Science, Art, Philosophy and Transcendental Mysticism.

Fulfill the next formulary and we gladly will send you the requested Course.

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