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The Mantra FE-UIN-DAGT:


The hepatic chakra serves for astral projection. The Astral Body is connected with the liver. By awakening the chakra of the liver anyone can enter and leave the Physical Body at will. The spleen, hepatic and solar plexus are developed with the Egyptian mantra FE-UIN-DAGJ.

One chants on the note Mi (E), thus developing the three chakras and the lungs.
Samael Aun Weor. Tarot and Kabala

We have taught the mantras and practices of the spinal column’s chakras, but we shouldn’t forget that the plexus also have their mantras. The powerful mantra FE-UIN-DAGJ makes vibrate all the plexus. What’s important is to prolong the sound.

Samael Aun Weor. The Mayan Mysteries

Listen to the Mantra FE-UIN-DAGJ

We suggest the relaxation of the mind and the physical body, then we can vocalize the mantra verbally or in silence; we can do this practice any time in the day.


Chakra: Magnetic center that once developed gives us faculties that the human being had before, but that we’ve atrophied with our mistaken way of living.

Mantra: Wise combination of sound with different qualities, among them, the activation of the Chakras.

The Mantra FE-UIN-DAGT.

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Image: The Dream after the masked ball. John Anster Fitzgerald. 1858

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