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Practice of the Week

Comprehending our Enemy


"Love and resentments are incompatible atomic substances. In true love, no resentments of any kind can exist. Love is eternal forgiveness".

"Love exists in those who feel true anguish for the suffering of their friends and enemies. True love exists in him who wholeheartedly works for the wellbeing of the humble, poor and needy".

"Love exists in him who, in a natural and spontaneous way, feels sympathy for the peasant who waters the furrow with the sweat of his brow; for the villager who suffers; for the beggar who asks for a coin; and for the humble dog in anguish and sickness which dies of hunger on the roadside".

"When we help someone wholeheartedly, when in a natural and spontaneous way, we care for a tree and water the flowers in the garden without anyone demanding it from us, then authentic generosity, true sympathy and love exist".

Samael Aun Weor. The Fundamental Education, Chapter 12.

"It's urgent to finish with the egoism and cultivate the Christ-centrism. Only in this way we can have a better world; it is indispensable to eliminate the greed and the cruelty that every one bears inside, only in this way, only changing the individual the society will change because this last one it's the extension of the individual. There is pain, starvation, confusion but none of this could be eliminated through the absurd procedures of violence; those who want to change the world based on revolutions of blood and spirit (liquor) or with coup (d'État) and executions by firing squads, are totally wrong, because the violence generates more violence, and the hatred more hatred. We need peace if we really want to save Latin America".

"The darkness don't get dissolved by slapping, but bringing the light. Fighting with the error hand-by-hand either, but spreading the truth, without attacking the error. As far as the truth advance, is the same as the error will go back, we don't have to resist the evil but practice unconditionally the good and teach its advantages on the practice, by attacking the error we will provoke the hatred of those who are mistaken, and then from mistaken they will become evil.

By attacking the evil we will provoke the bitter of the evil ones, and this way the evil ones will become even worse".

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ, chapter 1.

How to Dissolve Enmities

"The enemy is controlled and one dissolves enmities with the following clue".

"The disciple will lie down on his bed. Relax all the muscles of the body. Fall asleep trying to concentrate oneself on the heart of the enemy. Imagine this heart like a Tabernacle that stores infinite love. Mentally deposit in this heart the picture of the disciple himself. A picture filled with love!"

"Then, imagine looking at between the eyebrows of that enemy. Deposit between the two eyebrows, inside the mind of that enemy, the picture, but filled with intense love. In this exercise, it is necessary that the disciple feel a true love for that enemy that hates the disciple. Understand that one does not try to feign love: it is indispensable to be able to feel love for that individual who hates, for the enemy".

Samael Aun Weor. Logos, Mantra, Theurgy.

How to Understand an enemy.

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