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FAQ Weekly Practices

* What is the goal of these practices?

The goal of doing these practices by all the students of the Quetzalcoatl?Cultural Intitute and their followers is to promote the practical sense of gnosis, going deeper on its teachings, creating a sense of unity in all of our students. This is also about creating conscious discipline in the practices and not just leaving everything into theories.

* I am a beginner on these studies; can I do these practices as well?

Of course, the purpose is to unify all the students from Antechamber, First Chamber, Second Chamber and sympathizers around one only practice by creating (we all) an unity in the Institute in order to find the practical sense of Gnosis.

* When shall I do these practices?

We suggest that you to get a time during the day or night to do this practice everyday of the week, starting from Monday and finishing on Saturday (Sunday can be suspended).

* How can I get this practice every week in my e-mail?

Suscribe to our Newsletter and you will get the updates of our web page, so are reports or activities at the Institute, etc. Every week you will get a new practice on your e-mail.

* What should i do if i don?t get the practice? Where can I find it and when?

The practice is sent by e-mail on Sundays, but sometimes due to external issues such as errors on servers, full inbox capacity, incorrect address, etc. you might not get it as intended, then you can access our Section of Practices. Each Sunday (Mexico, D.F. Central time) a new practice will be available for you.

* I do not know how to relax my mind and body, how can I do it?

Please request our Meditation Course.

* I really enjoyed a practice. Can I keep doing it?

Of course! We suggest you to keep practicing it besides our suggested practice of the week (you can do both practices, the one you liked and the one we are suggesting for this week). The members of our institute are doing same practice so we all are working in one same objective.

* Can I comment to somebody if I get any experience on these practices?

It is not recommended to tell to anybody the results of your practices, these are teachings called ?From lips to ears ?, this means, for you exclusively; it is allowed to discuss them with your partner (Husband or wife), since you are meant to be only one together...

"It is worthier 10 minutes of daily practice than a million of books read"

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