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Gnostic Question of the Week

Who is the God Harpocrates?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

Well, brothers, so, learn to spell the mantras that I have written to go out in the astral body, know the practices. You can also invoke ineffable Beings so that they can teach you how to go out in the astral, the thing is simple. If you invoke HARPOCRATES you can be sure that HARPOCRATES will teach you how to come out in the astral body.


First the student learns to go out in the astral, later he learns to put his physical body into the fourth dimension. It's a little more doubtful... Right? Putting the body of flesh and blood into the astral world is apparently very laborious, however it can be done easily.

Whoever wants to get into the internal worlds with his body of flesh and blood, that is, whoever wants to learn to put his physical body in the Jinn state, can get to know the keys.

HARPOCRATES teaches them to come out with the body of flesh and blood.

HARPOCRATES teaches us to transport ourselves from one place to another in a few moments.

HARPOCRATES helps us put our body into the higher worlds.

Anyone who learns to travel with a body of flesh and blood between the higher worlds, in fact, becomes completely enlightened.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the lecture: The Power of Mantras.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being." 101.

Master Huiracocha says that in these moments one must invoke the God Harpocrates, pronouncing the following Mantram: HAR-PO-CRAT-IST.

Then the God Harpocrates will take the disciple inside the egg. The disciple will feel a great scratch or itch on his body. The disciple will feel uncomfortable, because he will have the uncomfortable position with which a pigeon is represented inside the egg. The disciple should not protest, the God Harpocrates will transport him to any distant place, and then he will open the egg and leave him there.

With this practice, Master Samael learned to go out in Jinas, but he says that it was not easy, it required a will of steel, infinite patience and tenacity; He got up from his bed 15 or 16 times a night without results, until he finally succeeded. In the fourth dimension he was able to observe more people who were also conscious in the Jinn state.

The Magazine "The Wisdom of Being" 101: "The way he did it."