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How do we crystallize the superior knowledge of Aquarius?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

It is impossible to attain the ATMA-VIDYA without the THREE FACTORS for the REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

The ATMA-VIDYA is impossible without first having attained the SECOND BIRTH. The ATMA-VIDYA is impossible without the death of the PLURALIZED I. The ATMA-VIDYA is impossible without SACRIFICE for humanity.

It is NOT the LAW of EVOLUTION that confers the ATMA-VIDYA upon us. It is not the Law of INVOLUTION that confers the ATMA-VIDYA upon us. It is only on the basis of TREMENDOUS and FRIGHTENING INNER REVOLUTIONS, that we arrive at the ATMA-VIDYA.

The PATH of the REVOLUTION of CONSCIOUSNESS is the PATH OF THE RAZOR’S EDGE; this path is TERRIBLY DIFFICULT; this path is full of dangers within and without.

Samael Aun Weor. Esoteric Treatise on Hermetic Astrology.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

Aquarius tells us about an unknown wisdom in these involutional times we are in. A knowledge that escapes the books, reasoning and common ways of thinking. This Gnostic wisdom can only emerge spontaneously when we combine in a balanced way the Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness.

Gnosis is the knowledge of the Being, but this divine principle cannot manifest itself in the human being if we do not first manufacture special bodies, called solar bodies, we achieve this by transmuting the creative energy. This is the first factor in the revolution of consciousness. Only when we decide to channel the forces that brought us into the world, is it possible to approach the Self and embody this spiritual principle.

The ego is the antithesis of the Being, so while it exists the divine spirit cannot be fully manifested, the ego of gnostic psychology, our psychological defects, must be eliminated, so that the Being and as a consequence its wisdom can be incarnated in the human being. This factor is Dying, the annihilation of our thousands of internal errors.

Knowing what the esotericism of Aquarius refers to, the eastern Atma-Vidya or Gnosis, needs to be Born and Die, but these two factors must be balanced with the Sacrifice for Humanity, if this factor is excluded it is impossible for the other two to be achieved. The law of the Solar Logos is sacrifice, helping our fellow man selflessly. A sacrifice that is called by Krishna as Sattvic, that is, conscious, that is made at the right time, to those who deserve it, selflessly and without presuming to perform it.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 89, Chapter: "Aquarius".