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Why do some ghosts become visible?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

The scintillation of atoms is due to packets of quantum energy. For example, our physical body is a structure made up of organs and systems, but vibrating at different energy levels, all of which are immersed in an infinite ocean where we are all, as well as the objects that surround us are solid or subtle, we enter and we leave that universe without realizing it, because energy travels at the speed of light.

Master Samael mentions the following examples:

In the diamond, the quanta move at half their speed, decreasing progressively in the air, water and earth elements.

The emotional attachment of the disincarnated, decreases the speed of quantum energy so that the former personality of the deceased can be accessible to the retina of the eye of a living person, then the personality of the dead is palpable, it can be compared to a ghost or there are times when it manifests as if it had life, such as when a person is on the street with a neighbor, relative or friend, both greet each other and say goodbye, however, a few months later he learns that that person whom he believed alive, he had died long before the encounter occurred.


The former personality: With death, the personality separates from the physical body and wanders through the pantheon and in places that are familiar to it, there are very strong former personalities, who can resist for a long time, especially with applause, with crying or the visits of relatives to the graves, when they still put their food plate on the table, etc., however, little by little they weaken, until they are completely extinguished, leaving only the memory in the causal world, between the akashic archives of nature.

Undoubtedly, there is a close relationship between the energetic and atomic personality, and as those who have their own vibratory and atomic frequency, when they vibrate faster they are not perceived and neither when their speed is slower.



The Wisdom of Being Magazine 87, Chapter: "The Ex-Personality and the Quantum".