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How can we help the inner Masters in our healing?

Answers from Master Samael Aun Weor.

The physical and vital body should obey the soul; the soul should obey the Intimate, and the Intimate should obey the GLORIAN. Body, Soul and Spirit should become a pure and perfect universe through which can the Majesty of the Glorian express.

Let's see a definite and simple example: if we throw stones into the water, it will necessarily produce waves. Those waves are the reaction of the water against the stones.
If someone throws at us an offensive word, we feel anger. That anger is the reaction against the offensive word, and the consequence could be indigestion or a headache, or a simple loss of energies, cause of some future illness.

If someone frustrates a plan we had projected, we become mentally worried. That preoccupation is the reaction of our mental body against the exterior incitation. Nobody doubts that a great mental preoccupation brings illnesses to the head. We should govern our emotions with the thinking, the thinking with the will power, and the will power with the conscience.

Samael Aun Weor..

Response of the Wisdom of Being Magazine.

There's no doubt that the Masters help restlessly, but it is also important to understand that is fundamental to disintegrate the cause of the sickness, since otherwise is a never ending story.

If for example, one has the habit of drinking alcohol, surely this brings catastrophic consequences for our health, the liver is harmed, our cellules are harmed, etc. and if one in good faith ask the Masters of the Universal Medicine for health, then one must do something to avoid the harm. It would be useless for the masters of the Medicine to try to heal our liver damaged by alcohol if we continue drinking it, no matter if we justify it in so many ways.

The diabetes has its main causes in the lack of control of the emotions, like getting angry, worried, anguished; that harms the pancreas and as a consequence the islets of Langerhans that produces the insulin and then comes the illness. Therefore, if on one side you ask for the cure but on the other, you continue getting angry every day, then we will never end the illness. The Master of Masters, Jesus, has told us "Help yourself so I will help you", the popular saying "to God begging and with the hammer hitting" (pray God at the same time you work for the miracle you asked for), the Masters of the Universal Medicine help anyone who ask for it, but we have to demonstrate with unequivocal facts that we deserve it.

Excerpt from the magazine: The Wisdom of the Being.