What is the difference between Ego, Essence and Personality?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The Revolutionary Psychology of the Gnostic Movement, in a clear and precise way, makes an in-depth difference between Ego and Essence.

During the first three or four years of life only the beauty of the Essence manifests itself in the child. Then the child is tender, sweet, beautiful in all his psychological aspects.

When the ego begins to control the young personality of the child, all the beauty of the Essence starts to disappear and, in its place, come up the psychological defects typical of every human being.

In the same way as we should make a distinction between Ego and Essence, it is also necessary to distinguish between Personality and Essence. The human being is born with the Essence but not with the personality. It is necessary to create the latter.

Personality and Essence should develop in a harmonious and balanced way.

In practice we have been able to verify that when the Personality develops in an exaggerated way at the expense of the Essence, the result is a rascal.

Observation and the experience of many years have allowed us to understand when the Essence develops totally without paying attention, in the least, to the harmonious cultivation of the Personality, the result is a mystic without intellect, without personality, of noble heart but not adaptable and incapable.

The harmonious development of Personality and Essence gives as a result, brilliant men and women.

In the Essence we have everything that is ours; in the Personality we have everything that is borrowed.

In the Essence we have our innate qualities; in the Personality we have the example of our elders, what we have learnt at home, in school and in the streets.

It is urgent that children receive nourishment for the Essence and nourishment for the Personality.

The Essence feeds itself with tenderness, limitless affection, love, music, flowers, beauty, harmony, etc.

The Personality should feed itself with good examples from our elders, with wise teaching at school, etc. 

Samael Aun Weor. The Fundamental Education.