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What is the Jinas science?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

Hyperspace can be demonstrated mathematically with hypergeometry. Jinan Science belongs to Hyperspace and hypergeometry. If we know the volume, we have to accept the hypervolume as the fundamental basis of the volume. If we accept the geometric sphere we must also accept the hypersphere.

Hyperspace allows Gnostics to perform extraordinary acts. Jesus was able to remove his body from the tomb after three days, thanks to Hyperspace. Since then, the resurrected Master lives with his body within Hyperspace. Every initiate who receives the Elixir of long life dies but does not die. On the third day he escapes from the tomb using Hyperspace and the tomb is left empty.

The disappearance or appearance of a body in the three-dimensional objective space, or the passage of a person through a wall, are carried out with complete success when Hyperspace is used scientifically. Scientific Gnostics place their physical body in the “Jinas State”, and consciously move in Hyperspace. When the yogi's body enters Hyperspace, we say that he is in the Jinas state.

Samael Aun Weor. The Yellow Book.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

Jinas science is to put the physical body into the fourth dimension and we can achieve this by developing the heart chakra.

In this knowledge of gnosis we have practices to develop this heart chakra

What are the Jinas powers?

It is a faculty that is obtained when we work with the three factors of the revolution of consciousness:

1. Birth.

2. Die.

3. Sacrifice for humanity.

With birth we seek a new birth with the death of the psychological aggregates that we have previously understood, be it anger, pride, laziness and more, asking our divine mother to disintegrate them from the roots in the 49 levels of the subconscious.

Our essence or consciousness is bottled in these psychological defects and by releasing consciousness, we obtain the powers or faculties of Jinas science: turning lead into gold, walking through water without sinking, the ability to enter and leave the astral world. and to be able to bring objects from that region, from the 4th. Dimension.

The dying factor means the death of those psychological aggregates that we possess, using sexual alchemy for the creation of the existential bodies of the Being.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 100, Chapter: "The Count Cagliostro."