How to get our Psyche Organized?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Universal Mind

We were born with a marvelous physical body, but really we truly need to make something more. To form a physical body is not difficult, because we inherit it, but to form the Psychological Man is very difficult. We do not need to work upon ourselves in order to form a physical body, but it is very obvious that we need to work upon ourselves in order to form a Psychological Man.

As a matter of fact, in order to create a Psychological Man, who is a true Man in the most complete sense of the word, we need to organize the psyche which is disorganized.

The Master Gurdjieff said that the organic machine does not have a psychology. I have to strongly disagree with him on this matter. A psychology really exists within any organic machine that we mistakenly call “man.” The fact is that this machine is disorganized, and that is different. If it is true that we want to create the true Man, who is the Psychological Man, then it is urgent, unpostponable, and undeferable that we organize this psychology within the intellectual animal. 

Let us then see the difference between the intellectual animal, mistakenly called Man, and the true and authentic Psychological Man. If we want to create such a Man within, then we need to work upon ourselves. Nonetheless, there is a struggle within us because the sensual mind is the clear enemy of the superior mind.

The sensual mind is identified with any circumstance; for example, if suddenly we find ourselves at a sumptuous banquet and we identify ourselves a great deal with the food, we will convert ourselves into gluttons; or if we get identified with the wine, we end up drunk. If we see a person of the opposite sex in front of us who is fascinating and interesting, we will become very identified with that person and end up fornicating, or simply, we are changed into adulterers. To create the Psychological Man in these circumstances, in this way, is not possible.

If in some way we have to start the work of creating the Psychological Man, this will come from real, true work on ourselves, without ever getting identified with any circumstance, while observing ourselves from instant to instant, from moment to moment.

There are some people who are mistaken about the path. There are societies, schools, orders, lodges, religions, sects, which pretend to organize the human psyche by means of certain golden maxims. Some communities pretend to achieve something that they call “purifications” or “sanctity” by means of such maxims. It is urgent that we analyze all of this.

It is obvious that any type of ethical or religious maxim can never serve as a pattern for the distinct events of life. For example, a maxim that is structured with superior logic, like the logic of Ouspensky, will never truly create a new cosmos, neither a new nature. To strictly subordinate ourselves to a maxim with the purpose of organizing our psyche would be absurd. Obviously this would signify the conversion of ourselves into slaves.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the lecture “The Organization of the Psyche”.