Why having a Female body would never be Karma?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


Disciple: The female vehicle, it’s karmic? Why are there more women than men?

Master:  It doesn’t seem to me at all that the “female vehicle” is karmic, because such vehicle… the female body represents the passive-creative aspect of what’s Divine. I’ve already said and I will repeat it crystal clear, that Elohim is Gods and Goddesses. If the masculine aspect of Elohim has the right to have physical body, so does the feminine aspect of it, it has the right of having Physical Body, of feminine-receptive type.

D: Venerable Master, what’s your concept about woman, how would you define her?

M: The Woman, without any doubt has the same rights as man. If we carefully study the word “ELOHIM” that appears in the Bible, we will find that it is a feminine name with a plural masculine ending. The exact translation of such word is: “GODS and GODDESSES”.

A religion without Goddesses is half the way of the materialistic atheism, because being Elohim or, I would rather say the Elohims, Divine Androgynous Beings, I mean Gods and Goddesses, if we delete the feminine aspect of them, the result would be, then, the deleted half in the name of the Divinity. This is, result: we are half the way of the atheism. The Goddesses can’t be deleted from any religious cult, because the Divinity itself is masculine and feminine at the same time.

Deducing from this, we could state as corollary, that the woman has the same right as the man, and that it is not possible the Innermost Self-Realization of the Being, without the union of the separated parts: Man-Woman. Both, united through the sex, make by themselves, an ineffable creature, a creative Elohim…

Samael Aun Weor.