What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Virgo?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The Prakriti is the Divine Mother, the primordial substance of Nature.

In the Universe, several substances, different elements and sub-elements, exist, but all of these are different manifestations of a Single Substance.

The Primordial Material is the Pure Akasha contained in all of space, the Great Mother, the Prakriti.

Mahamuantara and Pralaya are two very important Sanskrit terms with which Gnostic students should become familiarized.

Mahamvantara is the Great Cosmic Day, Pralaya is the Great Cosmic Night. During the Great Day, the universe exists. When the Great Night arrives, the Universe ceases to exist and becomes dissolved within the bosom of the Prakriti.

The immeasurable infinite space is full of solar systems, which have their Mahamvantara.s and Pralayas.

While some are in their Mahamvantara, others are in their Pralaya.

Millions and billions of universes are being born and die within the bosom of the Prakriti.

Every Cosmos is born from the Prakriti and is dissolved in the Prakriti. Every world is a ball of fire that becomes ignited and extinguished in the bosom of the Prakriti.

Everything is born from the Prakriti, everything returns to the Prakriti. She is the Great Mother.

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