Why is so serious for the human being to be turned just into a production/consumption machine?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Nations should produce and have their ways of material production, but also should have their religions, spiritual schools, orders, sects, etc. because it would be stupid to turn the human being into a machine of production and consumption exclusively.

The modern technique have developed wonders and there's no doubt that with the help of the electronic brains and every modern machine, the man could free himself from the material work without the necessity of creating human robots like the Soviet style.

It's stupid to fertilize women with sperm from apes, that is bestiality. The machines could free the man from the slavery of the material work, unfortunately the man is not prepared just yet and that is the shame of or civilization.

The man is a slave of the material work and it will continue to be until the happy day when he dissolves the I. Only by dissolving the I can the man be free from the material work, actually there are marvelous machines that could do all the work of man, at home, at the shop, in the field and at the office, etc., etc., etc.

Unfortunately the man with material work would thrown himself to the mud of vices even with more excess. The technique is at a standstill even so if many don't believe it, and it will continue at a standstill as long as the man don't dissolve the I. Only by dissolving the I can the technique move forward.

The machines are leaving millions of men without work, there is a conflict between the machines and the workers. Really the machines could replace all the workers of the world, but they are not prepared, they don't know how to cooperate, they are divided, what would they live from? What would they do, what would they do for a living? There is the big modern problem; were the man be spiritually rich, that problem would not exist. Having cooperation, union and fraternity among the men, that problem would not exist.

The Social Christ. Chapter 53: Thinking and Matter. Samael Aun Weor.