Why do the large corporations hire young people only?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The Capital is cruel and pitiless; the only thing the Capital cares about is to accumulate, to exploit, to make the most of young people, etc.

In many countries, those men older than forty years have no more the right to occupy public employment, even though they may be full of vitality and enjoying great intellectual capacities.

The Capitalists doesn’t care if a man is married, if he has children and if he needs the job to support his family, etc. if a man has more than 40 years, he is a lost case, he has no right to work in public employment.

Large companies give jobs to young people with the purpose of making the most of them, after that, to the street! the old one is useless, so think the powerful.

Those evil capitalist are the one who says: First: Me, Secondly: Me, Thirdly: Me.

The kind of action of those powerful ones is a hundred percent egoistical, a hundred percent horrible, they feel no mercy for anyone.

The LATIN-AMERICAN SOCIAL CHRISTIAN PARTY must fight against those injustices, it must gather all those grown men who are in misery and organize them for the fight.

It’s clearly unfair to deny the job to grown men.

Any normal man is full of energy in the mature age, and with enough capacity as to work in their specialty.

The public employment of the burocratic hive should be given to those who are more efficient even though they may be older that 40 years old. It’s unfair to deny the job to those who are older than 40 years.

The regular thing to any man in mature age has home, wife, children to support, and that’s why precisely in that age when they should not have the job denied.

The mature man is no a decrepit old man. The mature man is full on energy and strenght.

Nowadays there are so many homes in misery  because they are given no job nor in the large companies nor in the burocratic hive.

Crowds of children, women, old people, etc. suffer hunger and misery because mature men, the home supporters, are not accepted at public jobs for the “CRIME” of being older tha 40 years old.

Crowds of mothers prepared to work, almost always widows or abandoned by their husbands and with children, suffer horribly hunger and dessolation because being older than 40 years. Government deny them the right to work in public employments and bureaucratic posts.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Transformation of the Humanity.