Why is it that the more we think in a problem the more difficult is to solve it?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The Luciferic intellect, clever and disgusting, creates problems but it's incapable of solving them.

There are tons of theories that solve nothing and complicate everything, the vital problems of the existence continue as always and the world is very close to the THIRD WORLD WAR.

The INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL mistakenly called man feels so proud of his SUBJECTIVE AND MISERABLE REASONING that solves nothing and complicates everything.

The tremendous struggle of thinking has demonstrated in practice being the less appropriated to solve problems.

What abounds a lot in this time of GLOBAL CRISIS are the KNOW-IT-ALLs that want to solve everything and solve nothing.

The KNOW-IT-ALLs harm the fruits of the earth with their absurd grafts; infect children with their vaccines of Tuberculosis, Poliomyelitis, Typhus, Smallpox, etc., etc.

The KNOW-IT-ALLs know everything and they know nothing, they harm everything that's been created by them and show it off as WISE
The mind creates problems that is not capable of solving, that's a bad taste game.

Today as before the poor human Biped, the poor MISERABLE APE is no more than a mechanic toy moved by forces unknown for him.

Any cosmic event, any sidereal catastrophe, demines waves of certain type that once received by the unhappy animal called man, turn into wars so horrible as the two World Wars that have just passed.

Unconscious human machines that thrown themselves by millions to the stupid task of destroying some other millions of human machines.

The COMIC and TRAGIC things always go together and the COMIC thing in this case, is the flags and mottos and any type of invented phrases by those unconscious machines.

They say that they go to War to defend DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, the COUNTRY, etc., etc.

The GREAT THINKERS ignore, the PROSTITUTES OF INTELLIGENCE known in the World as journalists ignore that the wars are the outcome of certain cosmic waves in action and that the armies in the battle field move as automatic puppets under the dynamic impulse of those unknown forces.

No fundamental problem has been solved by the understanding of these poor intellectual animals; the intellect is the faculty that allows us to understand that everything is incomprehensible.

The GREAT INTELLECTUALS have failed completely as is already been endlessly proved the catastrophic state we are living in.

INTELLECTUAL LORDS! There is your world, the chaotic and miserable world that you've created with all your theories.

The facts are speaking for you, you have failed proud intellectuals.

The struggle of the Reasoning is egocentric in its intimate nature; we need a new faculty which may not be EGOCENTRIC.

We need the battle to pass on and the thinking to remain still and serene, this is only possible by understanding deeply the entire mechanism of the subjective and miserable reasoning.

In the serenity of thinking is born in us a new faculty, the name of the said faculty is INTUITION, only the INTUITION can solve the problems.

It's obvious that if we want to develop this new faculty we first need to understand in deep that complicated associative mechanism of the SUBJECTIVE REASONING.

The basic center of the mechanic Reasoning is the PSYCHOLOGICAL I, such center is EGOISTICAL and that's why it can never solve problems.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Transformation of the Humanity. Chapter 10