What is the Self-Observation?

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As one works on oneself, one understands more and more the necessity of radically annihilate from his/her interior nature everything which make us so abominable.

The inner self-observation sense it is atrophied in every human being; by working seriously by means of self-observing from moment to moment, such sense develops in a progressive form.

Before the inner self-observation sense every one of those “I’s” which inhabit within, really take this or that figure, secretly similar to the defect that it personify.

It’s indubitable that the image of every one of this “I’s” has certain psychological taste unmistakable through which we detect, capture or catch instinctively its inner nature and the defect that characterizes it.

It is necessary to note down about our daily psychological states, if we really want to change definitively.

Before going to bed it is suitable to examine the things that we did during the day, the embarrassing situations, the uproariously laughs and the subtle smile.

Much must be annihilated and much must be acquired. It is necessary to make an inventory to know what we have more than enough and what we are lacking of. It’s clear that the pluralized “I” (our defects) is something that we don’t need, is something useless and harmful.

If we want to stop being machines, if we want to awake our conscience, to have truly capability to do, then it’s urgent to start by knowing ourselves and then dissolve the psychological “I” (defects). Only remains the Real Being in us when the pluralized “I” is dissolved.

Samael Aun Weor. The Man’s awakening.

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