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What do the 5 basements of the pyramid of the Moon represent?


Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

It is indispensable for the good of everybody and of each of our students to define these five aspects:

A) The Un-Manifested Kundalini.
B) Ineffable Isis, Chaste Diana (Wisdom, Love, Power).
C) The Greek Hekate, the Egyptian Proserpine, the Aztec Coaticlue (the Queen of Hell and Death. Terror of Love and Law).
D) The particular individual Mother Nature (the one that created our physical body).
E) The Elemental Instinctive Magician (the one that originated our instincts).

The "cowherd'', the guide of the Sacred Cow, can and must work in the Teaching of these five powers of the Sacred Cow, the Pentalpha...

Samael Aun Weor.

Response given on the ICQ's XXII Congress.

If we look at the pyramid of the Moon, it has five basements. What do these five basements tell us?

The five aspects of Divine mother. Let's remember that the Divine Mother has five aspects. (...)

Let's see the first one.

The first aspect refers to the Unmanifested Kundalini, the Mother Kundalini as the Hindustanis call her lovingly and well, this reminds us that internal power that we all have to awaken, that indicates this first aspect of the Divine Mother.

The second aspect tells us about the Cosmic aspect, it is the Cosmic or Nature aspect, the ISIS that the Egyptians are talking about. ISIS that, when fertilized by the sacred fire of Osiris, then gestates Universes, gestates galaxies, gestates suns and worlds.

Then comes the third aspect that is the particular, it refers to our Inner Divine Mother. We all have an Inner Divine Mother, which is what the third aspect refers to, it is that which helps us with much love to eliminate our psychological defects.

We must listen to the voice of our mother, she adores us, she loves us, she wants us to eliminate all the negative that we carry inside in the good way, that is, for that we are given the different existences, to work on themselves , to eliminate those jealousy, that anger, that greed, that gluttony, that lust, that pride, etc., etc.

That is so related to the fourth aspect, because if we do not work on ourselves to eliminate all that negative that we carry, then obviously we will have to experience the fourth aspect of the Divine Mother that is, this, the Goddess Mother Death, the one that by not eliminating internal errors in life, then she awaits for us in the infernal worlds to pay for them, to eliminate them in the bad way through much pain, then we must, well, understand it very well.

We are given the opportunity, we are given many existences, this physical body as you know is not the only one we have had, we have had many and each one is for that goal, it is to work on themselves and eliminate all the negative we have inside.

See how these aspects are intertwined.

Then we have the fifth aspect that they come to represent (…) because the fifth aspect refers to our instincts and elemental magic, that is, it is the one that originated our instincts, such as the maternal instinct, which inclines women to love, to take care of our children, to raise them with love.

They are the ones that have the power to conceive love, art, tenderness, everything beautiful more broadly.

This refers in this fifth aspect, the Divine Mother, because that wise inclination also for the opposite sex to the paternal instinct, that is, the parents, the parents, our great work is that, to represent the severity at home but wisely combined with justice and wisely combined also with tenderness, the love of the feminine aspect.

This is very interesting.

I also said that instinct to help (...) always be alert to help those who need it.

To include also that nature's elementals can heal us, they can heal us. This is also what this fifth aspect refers to, remember of the Elementotherapy.

Excerpt from the ICQ's XXII Congress.