How do we achieve the Mental Relaxation in the Meditation?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Live from instant to instant, from moment to moment, without the painful weight of the past, without worries for the future.

Relax the mind. Empty it from any kind of thoughts, desires, passions, etc.

Do not accept in your mind any thought.

Before the golden flame could burn with serene light, the lamp should be well sheltered from any wind!

The worldly thoughts must fall dead before the gates of the Temple!

The mind should be still inside, outside and in the center.

By doing like so and with the mid relaxed you will live what's Real.

Devote yourself to your Inner deep God, forget completely the worldly pleasures.

During the meditation keep your eyes closed.

May your physical body delightfully lull.

The Meditation without sleepiness destroys the brain and harms the mind.

The profound meditation due combined with sleepiness leads to the Ecstasy, the SHAMADI.

Combine sleepiness with meditation in harmonious proportions.

Do never forget the LAW OF THE SCALE.

You really need 50% sleepiness and 50% of meditation. PRACTICE THE MEDITATION when you feel the predisposition to the normal sleepiness.

The  baker who wants to prepare bread should know to combine the different quantities of water and flour.

If he adds more water than flour, the bread won't turn out to the baker.

If he adds a lot of flour and a little water neither will turn out the bread to the baker.

In a similar way is the process of Meditation.

If we put more sleepiness that meditation, we will fall unconscious. (asleep)

If we put more meditation that sleepiness we will ruin the mind and brain.

But, if we know how to harmoniously combine sleepiness and meditation, we will achieve that which is called SHAMADI, ECSTASY.

Those who pretend to meditate radically eliminating sleepiness are like the one who tries to set off in a car by violently pressing the breaks.

Another example will allow you to better clarify all of this.

Imagine for a moment a rider and his horse.

If the rider wants the horse to walk, he should slacken the reins, but if he instead pulls the reins while wounds the horse with the spurs there will be something absurd and the poor animal will get unease; it will stand over its legs, it will neigh  and even it will violently throw the rider.

Something exactly similar will happen to the devotee that tries to meditate eliminating the sleepiness.

The mental relaxation should be perfect.

Any idea, desire, thought, etc., that pass through the mind in any given instant produces tension and that is not relaxation.

The perfect relaxation of the mind excludes desires, ideas, thoughts, memories, passions, etc.

To empty the mind, to turn it in a deep, bottomless  well is really relaxing it.

The profound relaxed marvelous mind is like an unfathomable lake where there live countless fishes and there is life in abundance.

When somebody throws a stone to an peaceful and serene lake, sparkling waves that go from the center to the periphery are produced, that is the reaction of the water before the impact that comes from the exterior world.

Similarly we will say that the relaxed mind is like an peaceful and serene lake where the panorama of the universe is reflected.

The impacts that come from the exterior world when falling in the lake of the mind originate waves that go from the center to the periphery.

Those waves agitate the minds of the anchorites and take them to failure, the mind must be controlled from the center so it never reacts against the impacts coming from the exterior world.

Inverencial Peace.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt  from the Book: The Science of Meditation