How can we the humans realize the Social Christ?

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The Christian Latin-American Socialism, large and powerful, doesn't need doctrines and revolutions of blood and liquor; by solving the vital problems according to our religious principles without difference of Creed, chaste or religion we realize the Social Christ over the face of the earth, it doesn't matter the name that we may give to the Christ, may it be Vishnu, Krishna, Osiris, Ormus, Fu-Ji, Balder, Quetzalcoatl, etc., etc., etc., Christ is the center of all the religions and we need to realize Him socially over the face of the earth.

Our Christian Socialism could also be called  Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, etc., etc., etc., it doesn't matter the name, what matters is to know that our socialism is authentic, legitimate democracy, founded over the religious principles of Christ, Buddha, Fu-Ji, Confucius, Hermes, Zoroaster, etc., etc., etc.

The prophets of all times worshipped the Christ  and taught his principles that we need to realize socially.

The atheistic socialism is not revolutionary. The atheistic socialism is reactionary and conservative.

By working for the rights of the man we realize the Social Christ.

In a well feed and progressive country cannot germinate the poisonous flower of the communism.

The intermediate path leads us to the real peace and to the legitimate happiness.

Nor the far right nor far-left party could give us happiness. The extremist governments, the totalitarian governments totally violates the right of the Man.

Samael Aun Weor, The Social Christ.