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Which is the main factor to achieve the Astral Projection?

Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


The human being who is fascinated does not remember himself. We must self-remember from moment to moment. We need to Self-Remember in the presence of every representation that could fascinate us.

Let us pause before every representation and ask ourselves:
Where am I? Am I in the physical plane? Am I in the astral plane? Then give a little jump with the intention of floating in the surrounding atmosphere. It is logical that if you float it is because you are outside the physical body. The result will be the awakening of consciousness. The object of asking this question in each moment is so that it becomes engraved in the subconscious, so that it may manifest later during the hours given to sleep, hours when the ego is really outside the physical body. You should know that in astral, things appear just as here in the physical plane.

During sleep, and after death, people see everything there in a form so similar to the physical world, that because of this they do not even suspect that they are outside the physical body. No dead person ever believes himself to have died; he is fascinated and profoundly asleep. If, during life, the dead had made a practice of remembering them selves from moment to moment, if they had struggled against the fascination of the things of the world, the result would have been the awakening of consciousness. They would not dream. They would walk in the internal worlds with awakened consciousness. Whoever awakens consciousness can study during the hours of sleep all the marvels of the superior worlds. Whoever awakens the conscious ness lives in the superior worlds as a totally awakened citizen of the Cosmos. Then he lives with the Great Hierophants of the White Lodge.

Whoever awakens consciousness can no longer dream; here in this physical plane, or in the internal worlds. Whoever awakens consciousness stops dreaming. Whoever awakens consciousness be comes a competent investigator of the superior worlds. Whoever awakens consciousness is illuminated. Whoever awakens conscious ness can study at the feet of the Master. Whoever awakens conscious ness can talk familiarly with the Gods who initiated the dawn of creation. Whoever awakens consciousness can remember his innumerable reincarnations. Whoever awakens consciousness can consciously attend his own cosmic initiations. Whoever awakens consciousness can study in the temples of the Great White Lodge. Who ever awakens consciousness can know in the superior worlds how his Kundalini is developing. Every Perfect Matrimony must awaken the consciousness to receive guidance and direction from the White Lodge. In the superior worlds the Masters will wisely guide all those who really love one another. In the superior worlds the Masters give to each one that which he needs for his internal development.

Samael Aun Weor. Matrimony, Divorce and Tantrism.