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How is the Revolutionary Ethics acquired?

Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

We will first define what ethics means: Ethics, or moral philosophy, is the branch of philosophy that studies human behavior: right and wrong; good and bad, morality, good living, virtue, happiness and duty.

Once we have defined the concept of ethics we can start our topic: Gnosis has its own doctrine and revolutionary ethics. The ethics of the ongoing revolution is based on the dissolution of the Ego.

All of us want a classless society, a better world, but this is impossible without a revolutionary ethic. Revolution is a total change, a transformation in us, a radical change to achieve a right thinking, a right feeling and a right act.

It is urgent to contemplate the valley from the majestic height of the hill of the law.

Revolution is a continuous, permanent fight to improve and find the truth of our existence. For this we need to dissolve the self, which is an obstacle to the revolutionary order.

If we really want this revolution, if we really want this change; We urgently need, with high psychology, to understand every psychological defect we have, not only in the intellectual center, but also in the subconscious areas of the mind.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 86, Cap. The Revolutionary Ethics.