What is the relationship between the human lifetime and the Cosmic Values?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The human organism has three brains which are as follow:

First: The thinking Brain. Second: The motor Brain. Third: The sensitive Brain.

The first brain is in the head, the second one in the backbone, the third one in the heart and specific nervous centers of the human organism.
The intelligence of Nature has put into each one of these three brains their famous Bobbin-kandelnosts (Cosmic Values).

Each one of these three brains are alive as long as the Bobbin-kandelnosts are alive.

The psychological I has created an abnormal system of life that provoke the death of each individual to be processed by thirds.

Whoever commits the mistake of finishing the Bobbin-kandelnosts of the thinking center, it is clear that die in the mind. The insane asylum are cemetery of mental dead.

Whoever abuse the motor center finishes the Bobbin-kandelnosts of the backbone. The hemiplegia, paraplegia, progressive paralysis, etc., are in reality the names given to the dead of the motor center.

Whoever wastes his/her energies over the stage to have a wonderful debut or represent different artistic parts, it is clear and barely normal that finishes with his/her capital of Bobbin-kandelnosts of the corresponding sensitive brain.

This dead are called psychopaths and neurasthenics.

The modern intellectuals miserably waste the thinking center.

The foot-ball sportsmen, bullfighters, wrestling, baseball, etc., etc., etc.,  finish all the vital values of the motor center.

The modern pseudo-artist  with all their foolishness of existentialism, humorousness, rock rebels. policemen and detectives and thieves that play the role of gangsters, is barely logic that finish with the values of the third center.

The death happens by thirds and the world is full of living dead who walk and torment the  neighbor.

The psychological I, the myself, has created distressing and horrible life systems.

The result of such abnormal forms of life is the death by thirds.

The Social Christ. Chapter 61. The Lifetime. Samael Aun Weor.