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What do the circular structures of Tamtoc teach us?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

The chaos or principle of life has come to be represented as a circle, a bowl, a star and other forms, around which some other elements that represent creation are found, not in the manner of a big bang, but of a kind of projection or expansion of chaos through forms and or worlds.
Let us stop to meditate and reflect on the great symbolism and representation of the stone or the rock, an unequivocal symbol of work with the supra sexuality in which the masculine and feminine forces unite, fanning the inner sacred fire.

Both the zero and the circle are used in all pre-Hispanic cultures as a very special symbol, since it represents both the uterus of the great space mother, as well as the female womb, whose predetermination is sacred, which is that of reproduction or generation of life.

The river of life or flow of energy of creation of the Universe that comes from the circle or sacred absolute, is represented by a path of rocks or stones in an undulating form, indicating the movement of the energy creating in the worlds.


The Wisdom of Being Magazine 87, Chapter: "Pyramid of the Great Plaza of Tamtoc".