What are the Tamasic, Rayasic and Sattvic foods?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Also the foods, cults and austerities are triple. Hear from me what are their differences: The sattvics (it means, the individuals where predominates the Guna Sattva), they like the food that increase vitality, energy, strength, health, happiness and appetite, and that are oily, substantial, " (vegetables and fruits from every kind, etc.).

"The food preferred by the rayasics (it means, by the people where the Guna Rayas predominates, which is the one of passion), are bitter, acid, salty, very hot, spicy, dry and burning, and are the ones that produce regret, sufferings and sickness…"

It is worth to reflect on this, isn't it?; it is worth for us to think that the Rayasic Food, should it be the bitter (pay attention to this), the acids, salty, very hot, spicy, dry or burning ones, they produce regret, sufferings and sicknesses. On the contrary, you see, so you can well reflect on it, how different the Sattvic Foods are: "all the oily, substantial and nice": vegetables, fruits, all of that…

As to the food preferred by the Tamasic ones (this is, by those in whom predominates the Guna Tamas), are the tasteless, almost decomposed, stinky: The left-overs, cold food and impure. So the people in whom predominates the Guna Tamas, the tamasic people, they like the tasteless food (you see such a thing!), the decomposed food, stinky food, the left-overs (remains from the day before), the cold food and the impure food. Those are the food of the tamasic people.

We should not forget this (the commentary); it is worth to reflect on it and to really choose our food. As to me, I frankly tell you that I don't like the tamasic type of food, I don't like the tasteless food, nor the decomposed or stinky food, neither the remains from the day before, nor the cold food. Impure food like the pig, etc., etc., seem to me nasty . So it is worth to observe what is the people eating, right?; to choose instead, the sattvic food: the fruits, vegetables and all of that…"

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the lecture: "The Universe and the Three Gunas".