Why the I can’t annihilate the I?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Any person can make the mistake of blowing his brain out as any coward and fool suicide does, but the famous I of the PSYCHOLOGY will never be able to commit suicide.

The I is not always evil, sometimes it garnish with beautiful virtues and even it dresses the tunic of Sanctity.

When the I wants to stop living, it doesn’t do it because of unselfish and pure wish, it want’s to continue in a different way, it longs for reward and happiness.

In these mechanized times in life there is serial production, series of cars, series of planes, series of machines of this or that brand, et. Etc., everything has become series and even the same I is serie, and even the I is series, we must know the series of the I.

The I processes itself in series and more series of thoughts, feelings, desires, hatreds, habits, etc., etc.

May those who like to divide the I continue dividing their EGO between SUPERIOR AND INFERIOR, let them be with their theories and the so cackled SUPERIOR and ULTRA DIVINE I controlling the wretched INFERIOR I.

We know pretty well that this division between SUPERIOR I and INFERIOR I is a hundred percent false.

SUPERIOR and INFERIOR are two sections of the same thing. SUPERIOR I and INFERIOR I are the two sections of SATAN (the I).

A part of the I can reduce to dust, annihilate another part of the I?

A part of MYSELF can apply the law of exile to another part of MYSELF?

The most we can do is to cleverly hide what doesn’t suit us, to hide our perversities and smile and look as holy man, a part of MYSELF can hide another part of MYSELF, is this an odd thing? Does not hide the cat his claws?

We all have inside the PHARISEE, very nice on the outside, but in the inside totally rotten.

Samael Aun Weor

Excerpt from the book: Social Transformation of the Humanity, chapter 33: The I can’t annihilate the I.