What are the Six fundamental dimensions?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


Beyond the three known dimensions, length, breadth and height, there is the fourth dimension: Time; and beyond time we have the fifth dimension Eternity. Nevertheless we can assure you that beyond eternity exists a sixth dimension; beyond eternity and time. In this sixth fundamental dimension the total liberation begins. Only the person who awakens in all the six fundamental dimensions of space is a true clairvoyant, a Turiya, a legitimate enlightened one.

Every sensation is an elemental change in the state of the psyche. There are sensations in every one of the six basic dimensions of Nature and of the Man, all of those accompanied by elementals changes of the Psyche.

Time belongs to the Fourth Dimension. Eternity is the Fifth dimension. That what is beyond the Eternity and Time is the Sixth Dimension.

The personality lives in a closed curve of time. It is daughter of its time and it ends with its time. Time cannot reincarnate. There is no tomorrow for the human personality.

The circle of time turns within the circle of the Eternity. In the Eternity there is no time, but time revolves within the circle of eternity. The Serpent always bites its own tail. A time and a personality end, but with the turning of the wheel, a new time and a new personality appear upon the Earth. The ego is reincarnated and everything is repeated. The last realizations, sentiments, preoccupations affections and words cause all the sexual sensations and all the amorous drama which gives rise to a new physical body. All the romances of married couples and lovers are related to the last moments of the dying. “The path of life is formed by hoof prints of the horse of death.” At death, time closes and eternity opens. The circle of eternity first opens and then closes when the ego returns to the circle of time.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Perfect Matrimony