What are the causes of the Neurasthenia and how it could be prevented?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor



The world is full of neurasthenic people. The neurasthenic type is a faultfinder, irritable and also intolerable. There are many causes of neurasthenia: impatience, anger, egotism, arrogance, pride, etc.

A mediator exists between the spirit and the body: the nervous system. Take care of your nervous system. When your nervous system is irritated by something that exhausts you, it is better to flee from it. Work intensely but with moderation; remember that excessive work produces fatigue. If you do not pay attention to fatigue, if you continue with excessive work, then fatigue is substituted with excitement. When excitement turns morbid, it becomes neurasthenia. It is necessary to alternate work with pleasant rest; in this way we avoid the danger of falling into neurasthenia.

Every employer who wants to succeed should be careful of falling into the danger of neurasthenia. The neurasthenic employer criticizes everything and becomes unbearable.

The neurasthenic despises patience and as an employer he becomes the executioner of his employees. Workers who must work under the orders of a neurasthenic and faultfinding employer end up hating the job and the employer. No discontented worker works with pleasure. Many times enterprises fail because the workers are discontented, dissatisfied and do not work efficiently in such circumstances.

The neurasthenic, as a worker or office employee, becomes rebellious and ends up being fired from his job. Every neurasthenic worker seeks any occasion to criticize his employer. Every employer has pride and vanity, and it is obvious that he feels offended when his employees criticize him. The worker who lives criticizing his employer ends up losing his job.

Take care of your nervous system. Work moderately. Enjoy yourself wholesomely. Do not criticize anyone. Try to see the best in all human beings.

Samael Aun Weor. Introduction to Gnosis