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What does the Venus of Tamtoc represent?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

It is the particular Mother of each one of us, it is the Mother of our Being, the Roman Diana the Huntress who hunts the I's, the one who must trample the moon, the lunar ego, the one who helps us eliminate it so that the virtues of the soul shine in us.

She teaches us to express everything beautifully. You have to know how to use the number three, already with words, in dressing, in thinking, in acting. You have to do things well done, with caution, with beauty, with harmony, with art, with perfection; and knowing how to create to have what we yearn for, whether in our inner work, in business, in our work with which we earn a living, or in anything else.

The three is the creation, the artistic, the three primary forces, both material and spiritual production, multiplication, the beautiful, it allows the realization of our cherished projects. Laying the foundations creates favorable conditions for the triumph to occur.

The ternary, the number three is very important. It is the word, the fullness, the nature, the fecundity, the seed that appears in the scarifications of the Venus of Tamtoc.


The Wisdom of Being Magazine 87, Chapter: "The Venus of Tamtoc".