What is the Psychological Gymnasium and what is it useful for?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

When we examine the world where we live in, we can verify the conclusive, clear and definitive fact, that there are people who should be happy but they don't. We've know many specific cases of persons who own a good house, a beautiful car, a wonderful wife, gorgeous children and enough money, and yet, they are not happy; on the other hand we have been able to corroborate the case of individuals who are poor, possibly humble workmen, who don't enjoy a beautiful mansion, they don't have more money but the necessary for each day's sustenance, they don't use a precious latest-model car and yet they are very happy at home, with their children, poor but clean, smart and they wives hard-working around the house and sincere.

Therefore, is not the money the one who can give us happiness; everything depends on the way we combine the states of consciousness with the events or circumstances of the practical life.

If someone placed in wonderful conditions is not worthy of the occasion, if he doesn't know to combine intelligently the states of consciousness with the environment where he develops and lives, unquestionable he will be a wretch; but another who, despite the difficult circumstances, if he knows how to combine the facts of his practical life with the states of consciousness, he achieves wellbeing, prosperity, happiness, etc. Therefore, it's urgent to understand the necessity of learning to live wisely.

If we want a radical change of the circumstances of life, it is necessary that this change comes to happen inside ourselves first; if we don't modify anything inside, externally the life will continue with its problems. Before all, it is necessary for us to become owners of ourselves; as long as we don't know how to govern oneself, he won't be able either of governing the difficulty circumstance of the existence.

When we contemplate the different events of life, when we see that order of things, we can confirm that the people really are just machines that don't know how to live: if someone insults them, they react furiously; if someone greets them, they smile happily, it is really easy for any perverse to play  with the human machines, one could take them from sadness to happiness and vice versa, just by saying to them some few words.

It's too easy for them! Right? It's enough for someone to insult us for us to react, it's enough for someone to give us a few pats on the back for us to smile happily; we don't know how to govern ourselves, others govern us and that is regrettable... we are incapable!

Samael Aun Weor, "The Life As a Psychological Gymnasium.