What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Libra?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The LAW OF THE SCALE, the TERRIBLE LAW OF KARMA, governs everything created. Every cause becomes an effect and every effect is transformed into a cause.

By modifying the Cause, one Modifies the Effect. Do good deeds in order for you to pay your debts. The LION OF THE LAW is combated with the scales. If the plate of the bad deeds weighs more, I advice you to increase the weight on the plate of the good deeds; in this manner you will incline the balance in your favor.

The one who has CAPITAL with which to pay, pays and comes out well in business; the one who does not have CAPITAL, shall pay with pain.

When an INFERIOR LAW is transcended by a SUPERIOR LAW, the SUPERIOR LAW washes the INFERIOR LAW.

Millions of persons speak about the LAWS of REINCARNATION and KARMA, without having experienced in a direct manner their deep Significance.

Really, the Lunar Ego Returns, Re-Embodies, penetrates a new womb, but that cannot be called REINCARNATION; speaking with precision we will say that that is RETURN.

REINCARNATION is something else; REINCARNATION is only for MASTERS, for SACRED INDIVIDUALS, for the TWICE-BORN, for those who already possess the BEING.

The LUNAR EGO returns and in accordance with the LAW of RECURRENCE, it repeats in each life, the same actions, the same dramas of preceding lives.

The SPIRAL LINE is the line of life and each life is either repeated in more elevated, EVOLUTIVE SPIRALS, or in lower, INVOLUTIVE spirals.

Each life is a repetition of the past one, plus its good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant consequences.

In a resolved and definitive manner, many persons descend from life to life on the involutive spiral line, until finally entering the INFERNAL WORLDS.

The one who wants to attain in-depth SELF-REALIZATION, should liberate himself from the vicious circle of the EVOLUTIVE and INVOLUTIVE LAWS of Nature.

The one who TRULY wants to come out of the intellectual animal STATE, the one who truly and sincerely wants to become a TRUE MAN, should free himself from the Mechanical Laws of Nature.

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