How and what for do we need to learn to listen?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

If we want to know how to listen, if we want to learn how to listen, to discover the new, we should live in accordance with the philosophy of the present Moment.

It is urgent to live from moment to moment, without the preoccupations of the past and without the projects of the future.

The Truth is the unknown from moment to moment. Our minds should always be alert, in complete attention, free form prejudices, preconceptions, so as to really be receptive.

Schoolteachers should teach their students the profound significance contained in knowing how to listen.

It is necessary to learn to live wisely, refining our senses, refining our behavior, our thoughts and our feelings.

If we do not know how to listen, and we are not capable of discovering the new from moment to moment, it is useless to have a great academic background.

We need to refine attentions, to refine our manners, refine our people, our things, etc.

It is impossible to be truly refined when we do not know how to listen.

Crude, rough, deteriorated, degenerated minds never know how to listen; never know how to discover the new. Those minds only understand in a mistaken way the absurd translations of that satanic secretary called the EGO.

To be refined is something very difficult and it requires complete attention.

Someone can be a very refined person, in fashion, in suits, dresses, gardens, cars and friendships, however, he will continue being rough, crude and unpleasant within.

Whoever knows how to really live from moment to moment, treads the path of true refinement.

He who has a receptive, spontaneous, integral, alert mind, walks on the path of authentic refinement.

The Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor