How the self-esteem keeps us from finding the Truth?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Preachers speak much about the truth, but, is it perhaps possible to know the truth when self-esteem exists in us?

It is only by putting an end to self-esteem, it is only with the mind free of assumptions that we can experience, in the absence of the ‘I’, that which is the Truth…

Many will criticize this work “The Revolution of the Dialectic”. As always, pseudosapient persons will laugh at the revolutionary statements due to the crime of these teachings not coinciding with the “mental assumptions” and complicated theories that they have in their memories.

Erudite persons are not capable of listening to Revolutionary Psychology with a spontaneous mind, free of mental assumptions, theories, preconceptions, etc. They are not capable of opening themselves up to what is new with an integral mind, with a mind that is not divided by the battle of the antithesis.

Erudite persons only listen in order to compare with their assumptions stored in the memory. Erudite persons only listen to translate according to their language of prejudices and preconceptions and to arrive at the conclusion that the teachings of the Revolution of the Dialectic are fantasies. This is how erudite persons always are, their minds are already so degenerated that they are not capable of discovering what is new.

In its arrogance, the I wants everything to coincide with its theories and mental assumptions. The ‘I’ wants all its whims to be fulfilled and for the Cosmos in its totality, to subject itself to its laboratory experiments.

The ego despises everyone who hurts its self-esteem. The ego adores its theories and preconceptions.

Many times we despise someone without any reason. Why? Simply, because that person personifies some errors which we carry well hidden and we do not like another person to exhibit them. Really, deep within us, we carry the errors which we blame on others.

No one is perfect in this world, we are all cut by the same scissors. Each of us is a bad shell within the bosom of the Great Reality.

The one who does not have a defect in a specific direction, has it in another direction.

Some do not covet money but they covet fame, honors, love affairs, etc. Others do not commit adultery with someone else’s wife but they enjoy altering doctrines, mixing creeds in the name of the Universal Fraternity.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt  from the Book: The Revolution of the Dialectic