What is a Chakra?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

chakraMan is a triad of body, Soul and Spirit. Between the Spirit and the body there is a mediator. This is the Soul. We, the Gnostics know that the Soul is clothed with a marvelous suit. This is the Astral Body. We already know through our Gnostic studies, that the astral is a double organism endowed with marvelous internal senses.

The great clairvoyants speak to us of the seven chakras and Mr. Leadbeater describes them in great detail. These chakras are really the senses of the astral body. These magnetic centers are found in intimate correlation with the glands of internal secretion.

In the laboratory of the human organism there are seven components submitted to a triple nervous control. The nerves as agents of the law of the triangle control the glandular septennial the three different nervous controls that interact with each other are as follows: first, the cerebrospinal nervous system, agent of conscious function. Second, the great sympathetic nervous system, agent of the unconscious, subconscious and instinctive functions. Third, the parasympathetic or vagus which collaborates by restraining the instinctive functions under the direction of the mind.

The cerebrospinal system is the throne of the Divine Spirit. The great sympathetic system is the vehicle of the astral. The vagus or parasympathetic system obeys the commands of the mind. Three rays and seven magnetic centers are the basis for any cosmos, in the infinitely large, as well as in the infinitely small. “Just as it is above, so below.”

The seven most important glands of the human organism constitute the seven laboratories controlled by the law of the triangle. Each one of these glands has its exponent in chakras of the organism. Each one of the seven chakras has its roots in intimate correlation with one of the Seven Churches of the spinal column. The Seven Churches of the spine control the seven chakras of the great sympathetic nervous system.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Perfect Matrimony