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What do we call "Civilization"?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being"..

...Now society suffers from slavery, with long hours of work and little pay, diseases that are difficult to treat due to the lack of money for the sick and that, despite the great technological development, people die due to lack of resources to pay for health care.

What is the use of so much technology, if the human being tries to enslave his fellow men with unpayable taxes to which people prefer not to be recognized, because if they were recognized, it would be impossible to pay them. What a barbaric state this is, in which millions of dollars are spent on entertainment, luxuries and technologies, when people are barely enough to half eat, half nourish, half dress.

What do we call civilization? Perhaps applied science to create biological wars or enrichments at the expense of the pain of many people? so it seems that barbarism has arrived again and started the end times of this humanity. We can say that an individual is civilized, when he walks the path of the revolution of conscience, he is civilized, when he is governed by the principles of the soul, truth, justice, honorability and honesty; and he marches down the path of barbarism, when he abandons himself to prejudices, becoming a victim of the battle of the mind with so many judgments falling into the tricks of the psychological aggregate, such as anger, envy, etc.



The Wisdom of Being Magazine 86, Chapter: "Civilization and Barbarism".