Why is the right to work a legitimate right?

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In all the countries of America we have gazed upon just about the same tragedy, the village children do not have right to work if they do not achieve the luck of finding money to get a job on the market. Governments do not forgive the sorry fellow of the common people the crime of being poor. Compassion does not exist for the poor. The powerful ones of the land mortally hate the hungry mothers and the poor wretches that labor. The big gentlemen mortally hate the sorry fellow who dares to compete with them.

It is necessary to begin to look for a remedy to this problem. It is urgent to achieve the right to work. There is strength in numbers. Just like very well organised trade unions of different classes exist and wonderful labor unions, that way also these poor mothers and these poor wretches that do not have money to rent stalls in the markets should unionize themselves, educating amongst their labor unions, paying defense lawyers and initiating the patient fight for their right, for the right to work. A fight without violence get underway, without any struggle with evil means. If evil resists the evil, this brings in more force. Violence only leads the people to failure. It is necessary to fight patiently and with intelligence. The unions of hawkers can make hunger strikes in public and in large groups. Sit-down strikes, silent, pacific parades of protests without shouts of any type nor violence of any nature.

All these poor mother, all these poor peasants after they join up, organize and unionize, will constitute a powerful army and the ones presently powerful in the land will shake in fear before them.

It is our task to make propaganda for these poor people in order to organize them for the battle.

Working is not a crime. The right to work is an upright and legitimate right of the human being.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ.