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Why is it important to learn to develop and follow intuition?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

The Heart is the Sacred Temple of the Inner Master. The Inner Master speaks to us in the form of Hunches. If man obeyed those hunches, he would live without problems. Man revolts against the Voice of the Inner Master, and creates trouble for himself.


The Master orders and the Mind does not obey him; she wants to solve all things on her own and act as she sees fit, regardless of the orders of the Inner Master at all. As a consequence of this, pain and bitterness necessarily arise, which are the result of wrong action and useless effort.

Blessed are those who only move with the Voice of Silence; they will never lack bread, cloth and shelter; they will live without problems and will have blessedness.

Samael Aun Weor. Zodiacal Course


Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

"Intuition is the direct perception of the truth, without the depressing process of reasoning and opinions or judgments." Unfortunately, the will of the Father is not always obeyed, and hunches are seldom paid attention to because of the “egos” (animal man), who carry out battles based on reason and plunge the human being into uncertainty, fear, and ignorance. and unhappiness ... If intuition were heeded, problems and worries would disappear. While the intellect elaborates and argues endless theses and antitheses, the intuition knows and perceives everything in an instant, its voice is the voice of silence and those who follow it live without problems and in blessedness.

The heart has the sensitivity to perceive seismic movements from anywhere in the world. In the esoteric heart is the temple of the Intimate or individual God, He provides strength and spiritual yearnings to the human being so that he awakens his consciousness and returns to the origin of his creation with mastery. When the human being heeds that call, he develops a spiritual restlessness and then he needs a master, each one has a particular master assigned by the Being, but there are no masters in this three-dimensional world, "when the disciple is ready, the master appears." "Beware of false prophets."

The disciple should not be fooled by those who call themselves "masters", "spiritual guides", "transcended beings" in order to be instructed or guided, it is necessary to awaken consciousness and evoke it in the superior worlds, in the astral world.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 89, Chapter: "Leo".