Why is the “I” against our Vocation?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The most interesting thing of all these is that the Vocational Sense has nothing to do with the Ego. Although it appears strange, the Ego abhors our own vocation because the Ego only desires substantial moneraty earnings, position, fame, etc.

The sense of vocation is something that belongs to our own Inner Essence; it is something very internal, very profound, very intimate.

The vocational sense leads man to undertake with true intrepidity and disinterest the most tremendous projects risking all types of sufferings and calvaries. It is then normal that the Ego abhors the true vocation.

The sense of vocation leads us in fact along the path of legitimate heroism, even when we have to stoically endure all types of infamies, treacheries and slander.

The day a man can tell the truth: "I Know who I am and what my true vocation is", from that instant he begins to live with true uprightness and love. A man like this lives in his work and his work in him.

If fact, there are only very few men who can talk like this with true sincerity of heart. Those who speak like this are the select, the ones who have the sense of vocation in a superlative degree.

To find our true vocation is undoubtedly the most serious social problem, the problem that is found at the very foundation of all of society's problems.

To find or discover our true, individual vocation is, as a matter of fact, equivalent to discovering a very precious treasure.

The Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor