Why can't we stand a person at first sight, without knowing him/her?

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Many times we abhor somebody without any reason, why? I'll tell you dear reader, because this person personifies some mistakes that we carry well hidden, and we don't like others to exhibit , really, we carry very deep the mistakes that we foist on others.

Nobody is perfect in this word, we all are cut from the same cloth, each one of us is a bad snail among the womb of the Great Reality.

If somebody doesn't have a defect in certain direction, has it in another direction, some don't covet money, but covet affairs, fame, honors, affections, etc., others don't commit adultery with other's woman, but enjoy adulterating doctrines, mixing creeds in the name of the universal fraternity.

Some are not jealous of the own woman, but are jealous with the friends, creeds, sects, things, etc., etc., etc., we the human beings are like this, always cut from the same cloth.

The Social Christ. Samael Aun Weor.