How should we understand our own Initiation?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

"The first test that must endure the disciple is the test of the Guardian of the Threshold. Certainly, this test is really horrible, the unprepared feels an unspeakable terror before the threshold’s larva. The Guardian of the Threshold is the root of our animal "I", whose mantric name is Satan. We can explain it better by saying that it is the inner depth of our "Satan". He is the personification of our past, with all its horrible defects. We carry within ourselves this aspect of the threshold, and in the internal worlds the disciple sees all things through this "animal ego", that is to say, he sees all things tinted with the colors of his own personality, and therefore, he does not see things as they are, but tinted with the colors of his personal atmosphere. But once the disciple is already able to travel consciously in the astral body, he can and must invoke the specter of the threshold and then that being who is inside comes out, and comes threatening before the disciple. It is preceded by a breeze of death; The disciple bravely faces the Specter of the threshold and by the courage and the terrible power of Love he will conquer the monster who will flee defeated. And from this moment on, the disciple remains alone, enlightening with his own light, because the light that has illuminated him before has left, and now he must light up with his own spiritual oil. He was enlightened by the spirit of race, family and nation before; now these spirits have abandoned him and the disciple becomes more master of himself, but he has also acquired more responsibilities before the cosmic laws."

(Samael Aun Weor: The Perfect Marriage of Kindergarten)

Answer of the Book: The Magic Flute and the Initiation.

Nowadays we have a very wrong concept of the Initiation: we believe that some shaman or sorcerer with some incense, concoctions and chants is going to give us the initiation; this doesn’t work like that, the initiation is acquiring those virtues, is learning to live rightly, it has nothing spectacular. During this process the aspirant has to face himself, to discover what he is, to realize what we are inside, in the world of desires (astral world), in the world of the mind and in the world of will power.

Chapter 8. Entering into the Mysteries.