What is the Mission of the Extra-Terrestrials?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

So if they would like to destroy that country, they would do it in a matter of seconds, and if they would like to explode in pieces the planet Earth, they would have done that already. But they are not destructive, they do love us and come to us with the purpose of helping us, but instead of embracing them as our saviors, as our redeemer, we welcome them with  cannons or we flee away in desperation, as the cannibal in the mountain flee away when they see a plane. That is the regrettable state where we are.

The extraterrestrials are cultured people that don't kill anyone, not even a little bird, the earthlings are afraid of them. Many may be questioning: Why the extra-terrestrials don't land in cities like New York or Paris and give lectures to the public? I would answer that in the following way: If someone found himself in a deep jungle with a group of cannibals, what would he do? Undoubtedly he would run away, there would be no remedy left.

The Extra-Terrestrials can defend themselves, and who would deny it? But they do not have the desire of killing anyone, they are not murderers, the earthlings are mistaken when thinking that they're coming to murder people, that is not true. We do not deny that they may have taken someone occasionally, taken into their ships, to the space and then brought him back to the place where they've taken him, yes, that's true.

Samael Aun Weor. Lecture: The Mission of the Extra-Terrestrials