What is the relationship between woman and the great Initiates in history?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


Women have already made great men, those who stand out in history; a Krishna (in Hindustan), a Buddha, a Hermes Trismegistus, a Jesus of Nazareth, a Francis of Assisi, or an Anthony of Padua, etc., etc. How were they formed? Were they formed in the air, perhaps? The great men who have appeared in all the epochs, where did they come from? Those who liberated nations (like those we have in our country, Mexico, like Hidalgo), a Napoleon in France (well, he didn’t free nations, he rather enslaved them; any way, he was a great general) Bolivar over there in the countries of South America. What is their origin?

Very masculine, very intelligent, very inspired, but they came from a female womb, they came from the woman who formed them in her womb, she who gave them life and she who put them on the same carpet of existence. The same Super-Man of Nietzsche is not able to come from any other place than the woman's womb.

It was for this reason that the wise women addressed Jesus of Nazareth and they said to him: "Blessed is the womb which formed you, and the breasts which fed you." So then, men don't have much to be proud about, because for the amount of the knowledge that we have, the amount of learning and intellectual capacity that we have acquired, we were formed in the womb of a woman, she gave us life and put us on the same carpet of existence.

It is certainly women who are able to transform the world, if that is what they want (the woman holds in her hands the Key of Power). Even the same masculine biology is able to be controlled by the woman, and in fact the woman controls the biological activities of the man (she has this power, it is extraordinary, wonderful).

Samael Aun Weor. Lecture: The Saintly Predestination