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How can we discover our inner slavery?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

In recent times, due to conflicts or world crises, currents have arisen that proclaim that after those events humanity will be better, or that we will learn an important lesson and evolve as a society, but this is not the case, due to tensions and conflicts that we carry within ourselves express themselves with more force, spring up and divide humanity.

That is why we must begin by recognizing that we are slaves on a psychological level to the factors that generate conflicts and confrontations of all kinds, unfortunately the fact of not physically seeing the shackles and chains prevent us from realizing our captivity and therefore, work on our own liberation.

Another factor that prevents them from seeing the need for this work on themselves is the fact that today's society glorifies psychological slavery.

Being a slave to alcohol and partying with friends is good, falling to temptations is appropriate, responding with insults or violence is celebrated since childhood, seeking wealth over the welfare of others or our own family is admired and applauded. Things being like this... What slave would seek his own liberation?

To see and perceive that which keeps us slaves, the development of the sense of psychological self-observation is essential, since simply accepting the doctrine of the many selves is not experience or internal revelation. We must experience it first hand to feel that drive for change!



The Wisdom of Being Magazine 87, Chapter: "Psychological Slavery".