How can we attain the Individuality and for what purpose?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Indeed, to believe that we are “one” is a joke made in very bad taste. Unfortunately, this vain illusion exists within each one of us.

It is unfortunate that we always think the best of ourselves. It never occurs to us to comprehend that we do not even possess true Individuality.

The worst of the matter is that we give ourselves the false luxury of assuming that each one of us enjoys full consciousness and a will of our own.

Woe to us! What nitwits we are! There is no doubt that ignorance is the worst of all disgraces.

Many thousands of different Individuals, different persons, “I’s” or people who quarrel amongst themselves, who fight amongst themselves for supremacy and who do not have order or concordance whatsoever, exist within each one of us.

If we were conscious, if we were to awaken from so many dreams and fantasies, how different life would be...

Nonetheless, as if our misfortune was not enough, negative emotions, self love and self esteem fascinate us, hypnotize us, never allowing us to remember ourselves, to see ourselves exactly the way we are...

We believe that we have one will, when in reality we possess many different wills. Each “I” has its own will.

The tragic comedy of all this interior multiplicity is dreadful.

The different internal wills clash against each other, they live in continuous conflict, and they act in different directions.

If we had true individuality, if we were a unity instead of a multiplicity, then we would also have continuity of purpose, awakened consciousness, a particular, individual will.

To change is the best; however, we must begin by being sincere with ourselves.

We need to make a psychological inventory of ourselves in order to know what we have in excess or what we lack.

To attain individuality is possible; yet, if we believe that we already have it, then such a possibility will disappear.

It is evident that we would never struggle to obtain individuality if we believe that we already have it. Fantasy makes us believe that we are possessors of individuality and there are even schools in the world that teach it that way.

To struggle against fantasy is urgent. Fantasy makes us appear as if we were this or that, when, indeed, we are miserable, shameless and perverse.

We think that we are humans, when in truth we are merely intellectual mammals lacking individuality.mountains”.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology