What’s the influence of imagination in the motherhood?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

A woman's imagination during pregnancy is fundamental for the development of the fetus. It has been demonstrated that every mother can, with her imagination, alter the psyche of the fetus.

It is urgent that a woman, during pregnancy, contemplates beautiful paintings, sublime sceneries and listen to classical music and harmonious words. In this way she can harmoniously work on the psyche of the baby she carries inside her.

One has to know how to excuse all the whims and errors of a pregnant woman.

Many intolerant men, lacking true understanding become angry and hurt a pregnant woman. The sorrows of this woman, the afflictions caused by the husband for lack of charity have repercussions on the gestating fetus, not only physically but also psychically.

Bearing in mind the power of creative imagination, it is logical to affirm that a woman, during pregnancy should not contemplate what is ugly, disagreeable, disharmonious, filthy, etc.

The hour has arrived which governments should be concerned about resolving the great problems related to maternity.

It is incongruous that in a society that prides itself on being Christian and democratic, it does not known how to respect and venerate the religious sense of maternity. It is monstrous to see thousands of women who are pregnant without any type of support, abandoned by their husbands and society, begging a piece of bread or a job and executing, many times, rough manual jobs in order to be able to survive with the baby they carry within.

These infra-human states of today's society, this cruelty and lack of responsibility of governing officials and of nations are indicating to us with entire clarity that democracy still does not exist.

Hospitals with their maternity rooms have still not solved the problem because women can only go to said hospitals when labour approaches.

Collective homes are needed with urgency, true garden cities endowed with halls and residencies for women who are pregnant and extremely poor. Clinics and kindergartens for their children are also needed.

These collective homes with lodging for extremely poor women who are pregnant, filled with all types of comforts, flowers, music, harmony, beauty, etc. It would totally solve the great problem of maternity.

We should understand that human society is a great family and that someone else's problems do not exist since every problem in one way or another affects, within its respective circle, all the members of society. It is absurd to discriminate against pregnant women because of their being extremely poor. It is criminal to underestimate them, to scorn them or to put them aside in homes for poverty stricken people.

The Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor