What's the use of developing the Spatial Sense?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The Spatial Sense well developed allow us to objectively perceive the hyper-solids on condition of eliminating any kind the subjective elements of our perceptions.

The great schools of yoga, Rosicrucian, Buddhism, etc., have scientific systems for the development of the Spatial Sense.

The reason of the tri-brained  bipeds is subjective. The reason of the actual humanity is a useless subjective germen as long as it is not objectively developed.

The subjective human reason, that which we normally call reason, really is unstable and changeable, it's amazing how can the reason be convinced of anything.

There's nothing simpler and easier than demonstrating anything to any one of those persons who are called intellectuals; all we need to do that is to know deeply and in a practical way, the commotions and associations that can be caused in other human brains, while one tries to demonstrate a given truth.

We have studied deeply the old and also the new theories related to the Soul, the great Beyond, etc. We also have profoundly studied all the old and new theories about the materialism of atheist kind.

There is not a single materialist or spiritualist, atheist or dualist theory that is not exposed with great convinced logic, and the subjective logic only can agree with that logic plausibility.

In these times there is a lot what have been written about the great "Beyond" and probably many readers envy the rigorous logic of the great authors.

However, authors and readers know nothing about the so called great "Beyond" or the Soul, the Spirit, etc., etc., etc.

Many people are informed from the intellectual point of view, but that is not knowing. May the people really know the great Beyond, there were not so many religions, schools, sects and beliefs.

The reason is an instrument of information and analysis, that's all.

Nobody can live a theory, the real thing is what one experiences.

The Social Christ. Chapter 51: The thing itself. Samael Aun Weor.