What is a Good Master of the House and why is a fundamental requirement to advance in Gnosis?

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In Gnosis a very special equilibrium is needed; it is necessary to enter in these teachings and these works where we are, to have reached the level called the “Good Master of the House”. It happen to be interesting in the Gospels, this of the “Good Master of the House”; it is something that invites us to reflection.

We know the “The Good Master of the House” could become something better if he wishes, if he longs to. But if he has no spiritual long at all, he becomes obviously, let’s say in a PHARISEE who have to devolve in time. So, from “The Good Master of the House” could come out an INITIATE or a PHARISEE.

In any case, to enter in these Gnostic-esoteric teachings, it is needed to have reached the level of “The Good Master of the House”. A “lunatic” for example, capricious, lunatic, difficult, is not precisely an element that can serve to these teachings where we are. A subject who doesn’t fulfill his home duties, who is a bad father, bad wife or bad husband, who treat bad the spouse (may it be man or woman), or that abandon his home for this or that reason, without any question he is not a “Good Master of the House”.

Of course, in what I’m saying there are fair exceptions, but I’m talking in a plain general sense, because it would be useless to be a “Good Master of the House” if the woman is unfaithful (if she “cuckold” him as is commonly said). Someone around there knew an amusing joke that says: “the matrimony is not the Horn of plenty, but the plenty of horns”… -Note: to put horns to someone is the equivalent to cuckold someone in Latin America-

In any case, even when it seems like a joke, there is a lot of true. It would be useless for the man to be faithful if the woman “cuckolds” him and vice versa too.

In any case, it is needed to be a “Good Master of the House”, a decent person, balanced, before being able to enter in the path of Gnosis.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the lecture: The Being and The Knowledge.

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